My Fairy Tale

By Melissa Face

Once upon a time, when I first began selecting my wedding footwear, I considered several factors: my height, my budget, and my comfort. I am five foot ten inches tall, I don’t believe in overspending, and I cannot stand to be uncomfortable.

My husband and I are pretty much the same height. That is, of course, unless I wear heels. On the most special day of my life, I was determined to not tower over him. It is tough, though, to find flats that are attractive enough to wear with a wedding gown. But since I chose a rather simple slip dress, I figured I might be able to pull off my desired look.

I couldn’t believe the price tag on some of the shoes I tried on. Many of them were over two hundred dollars, and I hadn’t even spent that much on my dress. I finally found a less expensive store where I tried on white flats with rhinestones, clear flats with faint sparkles, and white, shimmering sandals. They were all attractive, they did not have a heel, and they were in my price range. But they were not comfortable.

Then, on the other side of the store, I saw exactly what I had in mind but was unable to describe to the sales people assisting me. They were lovely, white satin slippers. I found a pair in my size, tried them on and it happened: instant Cinderella. It was more of a fairy tale feeling than a fairy tale look. After all, my slippers were made of satin, not glass.

On the afternoon of my wedding, I put on my dress and stepped into my slippers. I loved how they looked and how they made me feel. And when I stood at the altar next to my Prince Charming, he was actually a bit taller than I was.

My satin slippers got rained on when we ran into our reception site. And at some point during the reception, they became covered with a sticky beverage. Still, my slippers held up throughout the evening and they served their primary purpose: they allowed me to dance comfortably. I danced to “My Girl” with my father and “Grow Old Along With Me” with my new husband. Then, my cousins, friends, various guests and I tore up the dance floor to every slide, shuffle, and line dance that the DJ had in his collection.

Before we knew it, our reception came to a close, and my husband and I were inside our limousine en route to the airport. From our back window, we watched our guests wave goodbye to us. We kissed and laughed and shared our favorite moments from the night.

About a year ago, I found my satin slippers in a back corner of my closet. They were a grayish color and badly misshapen. After several days of contemplating, I tried them on one last time and threw them in the trash. I realized I didn’t need them in my possession to remember how they made me feel.

My wedding night may have seemed pretty ordinary to onlookers, but to me, it was enchanting. Maybe it was the sparkling lights or the wonderful music that made the night feel magical. Perhaps it was my satin slippers. But more than likely it was marrying my Prince Charming and knowing deep down that we were on our way to happily ever after.

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  • Melissa FaceMelissa Face lives in southern Virginia with her husband, son and daughter. Her stories and essays have appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul and Cup of Comfort. Email Melissa at

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One Response to “My Fairy Tale”

  1. Kim says:

    Beautiful story, beautifully written, as always.

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