Sasee Rising Star: Cameron Adams

Sasee Rising Star: Cameron Adams

Myrtle Beach native – and successful actor Cameron Adams, just began performing in her eighth Broadway show, Nice Work if You Can Get It. On opening night, Cameron was presented with the Gypsy Robe, a 50 year tradition and an incredible honor.

Cameron, tell us about the Gypsy Robe.

It’s been going on for 50 years – on the opening night of a show, the robe is awarded to the ensemble member who has been in the most shows – it was an amazing experience to be honored by my fellow actors! I remember being awestruck by the ceremony on my first opening night. The robe has already passed on to the next opening. It starts as a long white robe, and each show gets to decorate a patch symbolizing their show. When a robe is filled up, it’s donated to the Smithsonian Museum– so my name and our show will be there! I am very excited. People who aren’t a part of the business can see what it’s all about.

It sounds like you are living your dream!

Yes. Growing up, my parents wanted me to try everything, but I always excelled at singing, dancing and acting. In middle school, I took my first trip to New York, and I knew that was what I wanted. I went straight from Myrtle Beach to New York – I thought that if it worked out, great, but if not at least I gave it my all. I’ve been here for 12 years now, and I sing and dance every night. In my current role, I understudy the lead, so if she gets sick I take her place. In one show, I got to play opposite Daniel Radcliffe. He’s just as nice as he seems onstage, too.

The difficult part of this business is the lack of stability. When a show closes you have to move on – whether it lasts for two years or two months. I also teach children’s summer programs, and I love it. Kids from all over the country come and find out what it’s really like here. It seems more within their reach when they meet someone from a small town just like them.

What is it like being a small town girl in the big city?

Well, you may not think I have an accent, but up here, I’m considered super southern! I make sure I don’t have an accent when I go for an audition, but I’m a proud southern woman in New York City. I wouldn’t be who I am and have my values if not for my family and being from Myrtle Beach. My boyfriend is from Raleigh, North Carolina, so we have a lot in common. He’s also an actor and has been in the same show for three years. Now he’s one of the leads.

Myrtle Beach is my home – New York is my temporary home. I feel lucky to have been able to come here and do the things I do.

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