Women and Men Who Mean Business (June 2012)

Mary Ann Geney & Holly Davis, Shabby Shindigs

Mary Ann Geney & Holly Davis, Shabby Shindigs

Mary Ann Geney & Holly Davis

Shabby Shindigs
12020 Ocean Hwy.
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-314-3950

Just opened on April 1, Shabby Shindigs, a new party supply boutique located in Pawleys Island, is co-owned by Holly Davis and Mary Ann Geney. Holly loves to shop, and said, “I would like to be more budget conscious than I am, but I’d rather have that one special item I love than five things that I only sort of love!” Mary Ann also enjoys shopping, especially when she’s shopping for someone else. “In some respects, I am a bargain shopper. I love to find a good deal, but if it’s something that I absolutely HAVE to have, then I’m willing to spend an extra dollar.” Both women love gift shopping. Holly says gifts are the way she expresses to people that she loves them.

A busy mom of three, Mary Ann is a low-key dresser, preferring shorts and tee shirts at home. “But, I love to dress up when the occasion calls for it.” Holly likes her outfits to tell a story, preferring a layered look. “I would always rather be overdressed than underdressed.” At home, Holly’s style is “shabby chic” and everything is geared for comfort. Mary Ann’s taste is more classic, with rich, deep colors and hardwood floors. Neither Mary Ann nor Holly will be able to spend Father’s Day with their own dads this year, but Holly has already found the perfect gift! Mary Ann is celebrating with her husband and children. “We’re river rats, so we’ll probably spend the day on the water.”

Both women are excited about their new business. “We have unique party supplies, not the traditional things you usually see. Our customers love our party packages—just let us know your theme, and we’ll help you mix and match patterns in a fun way.” This unique boutique also has baking supplies, inflatable coolers and large party inflatables for rent. “Stop by before your next party!”

Sandy & Steve Thompson, The Cricket Shop

Sandy & Steve Thompson, The Cricket Shop

Sandy & Steve Thompson

The Cricket Shop
11382 Ocean Hwy.
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-235-9916

Sandy Thompson, co-owner of the Cricket Shop, didn’t hesitate when asked if she liked to shop. “I love to shop and am definitely not a bargain shopper! I prefer boutiques like the Cricket Shop because I usually find more unique and fun items, and the more personalized service I get is so important to me. Steve (Sandy’s husband and co-owner of the store) detests shopping except for buying groceries!” Sandy says both she and Steve are dressed casually most of the time, but “I love to dress up and go out! I love wearing fun and flirty dresses.” Sandy and Steve’s decorating style is traditional with a little beach décor mixed in. “The main color in our home is yellow,” said Sandy, “We have bright, sunny rooms with everything in its place at all times, but still comfortable.”

Sandy and Steve love their work. “The store is fun to me,” said Sandy. “It lets me express my creative side in displaying merchandise and decorating. Working with our vendors to find and introduce new items is also a lot of fun, and I think our customers keep coming back to see us because we do offer ever-changing lines of resort wear, swimsuits and accessories along with all of our usual customer favorites.”

“The Cricket Shop has always been a big part of our lives,” said Sandy. “My sister and mother worked for prior owners and still work for us today! Steve’s mother also worked here for several years before retiring. We actually met through the Cricket Shop almost 18 years ago when his mother and my sister conspired here to set us up on a blind date! The Cricket Shop has been a part of Pawleys Island for almost 35 years, and we are thrilled with the opportunity to continue serving all of the guests who visit us!”

Anne Washington, Hucks & Washington Furniture Company

Anne Washington, Hucks & Washington Furniture Company

Anne Washington

Hucks & Washington Furniture Company
1506 Main St.
Conway, SC
Main: 843-248-2711

Anne Washington, managing partner of Hucks & Washington Furniture Company in Conway, enjoys shopping, but only if she has a purpose. “I have to be in the right mood—I love bargains, but if I need something I just go get it—bargains will make me shop more, though!” A nice linen blouse, slacks and really good shoes are Anne’s go-to outfit. “I like to take a basic outfit and splash it up with a brightly-colored scarf. Hermes scarves are my biggest splurge. Comfortable shoes are a must in my business, though. Our showroom is 50,000 square feet, and I’m running around all day long.” Anne’s home mirrors her fashion style. “My home is traditional, with splashes of color—I like surprises and might put a piece of contemporary art in a traditional room or a landscape in a brightly colored bathroom.”

Father’s Day is tinged with sadness for Anne; this is the second Father’s Day she’ll spend without her beloved father. “My dad loved golf and passed that love on to me. So, this year I’m going to Grandfather Mountain and play golf—I think of him every time I play.”

Anne and her sister inherited Hucks & Washington two years ago when their father died. “I’ve been in this business all of my life. We offer great prices and service—the people you see when you walk in the door have been with us forever. I want our customers to have a good experience from the time they walk in until the furniture is placed in their homes. The family business is almost a dying breed, but we offer custom and specialized service—if your sofa is late being delivered, we’ll loan you one, we offer complimentary design service and much more. All of us want people to enjoy their furnishings—it’s your home!”

Nanci Abraham, North Beach Fabric

Nanci Abraham, North Beach Fabric

Nanci Abraham

North Beach Fabric
3936 Hwy. 17 S.
North Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-427-7250

Nanci Abraham, of North Beach Fabric, laughed when asked if she is a shopper. “Yes, of course, I’m a shopper, I own a retail store! Shopping inspires me to be creative and keeps me on top of the trends. I love making an afternoon of shopping with my 81-year-old mother—we laugh a lot, and she has a good eye for color and style.” Nanci’s style is very relaxed, but always colorful and eclectic. “Color inspires my soul. That’s what you see in everything when you’re with me. My home and shop reflect that.” Her passion for color inspires Nanci’s wardrobe as well. “I love wearing my golf skorts, that’s me every day, but I always jazz it up with color—and I always wear my funky jewelry.”

Nanci is planning a relaxed Father’s Day barbeque with her mom, dad, husband and son. “Growing up we went to church on Father’s Day and then planned a cookout in the afternoon. We still do much the same. It’s a family day with wholesome family time—we talk about old times and laugh. It’s a good way to bring the family together and, thank goodness, I love to cook!”

“My customers are becoming my family, also,” said Nanci when asked about her business. “We talk about their current projects and about their lives. Communication is so important in helping them select the right things for their projects. I want it to really fit them. One of my customers, who’s fast becoming a friend, says my shop is her ‘happy place.’ I don’t expect people to buy something every time they come in—I just want them to be inspired. Quilting and sewing are really collaborative activities.” Nanci went on to say, “We have some great classes for all skill levels—everyone will get something out of these sessions!”

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