Women and Men Who Mean Business (July 2012)

Don Carlson & Beth Karas, Fabric Showcase

Don Carlson & Beth Karas, Fabric Showcase

Don Carlson & Beth Karas

Fabric Showcase
10788 Kings Rd.
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-449-6728

Don Carlson and his sister, Beth Karas, co-owners of Fabric Showcase, will spend July 4th relaxing. “As business owners we don’t get much time off, so we will spend the day with friends and family. Our favorite 4th of July memory was three years ago. It was the last July 4th that we spent with our mom, Nancy Dunn, who opened this business in 2007. We spent the day at the beach, grilled out, and then Uncle Don put on an awesome fireworks show for the kids!” Don and Beth both love the beach and said, “Sometimes people take for granted how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. That’s why we feature so many coastal prints, so you can take a bit of the beach indoors.”

“We have wonderful customers that are like family to us,” said Beth. “Being in a tourist area, we get to meet people from all over the world. The best part of our job is helping customers put together fabrics for their homes, condos and businesses.” Don added that their greeter, Napoleon, keeps customers coming back! “Plus, we have the most current home décor fabrics and trims at the best prices around. At Fabric Showcase, we make shopping for fabric FUN!” 

Candace Lee, Elderberry Salon

Candace Lee, Elderberry Salon

Candace Lee

Elderberry Salon
10744 Ocean Hwy.
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-235-0297

Candace Lee, owner of Elderberry Salon, will spend the July 4th holiday quietly at home. Luckily for Candace and her husband, they can watch the fireworks from their front porch. “I remember the first time I took my children to the fireworks store and let them purchase ‘big’ fireworks—we had our own fireworks show that year, and it was the best I’ve ever seen!” A true beach lover, Candace says the ocean is, “very calming to me. Every time I see the beautiful sand dunes, grasses, pelicans, etc., I appreciate God’s creation.”

When asked about her current workout program, Candace laughed, saying, “My work and housecleaning have become my main form of working out!” Our hot summers don’t bother this busy businesswoman, she loves to open the windows and let in the fresh air. “Only when it’s extremely hot do I turn on the A/C.”

Candace loves her work. “I love our community,” she said. “I love the diversity of meeting people and sharing experiences. I am happy to be here and feel my compassion for what I do keeps my clients coming back. I genuinely want people to feel good (as well as look good). I am honest with my clients, and I think they truly appreciate my concern. My great prices help, too!”

Larry Hansen, LRH Carpentry Creations

Larry Hansen, LRH Carpentry Creations

Larry Hansen

LRH Carpentry Creations
Main: 843-602-1778

Larry Hansen, owner of LRH Carpentry Creations, will spend July 4th with family and friends, sitting around a pool eating lots of food. He has fond memories of his 2009 4th of July celebration. “It was the second year that my daughter, Isabella, was with us. We fought the traffic to find a parking spot at Market Common for fireworks, only to have her exclaim, ‘Daddy, it sure is pretty, but it hurts my ears. Can we go home?’” As for workouts, Larry said, “I’m not much for the gym; I prefer to sit behind my set of Tama Starclassics and play drums for two hours at a clip. Now, with a child, instead of playing out five or six nights a week, I volunteer my time as sound engineer in my church and play a few times a year.”

“I would say that the diversity of the clientele is what I love about this area,” Larry began. “Being a tourist/retirement area brings all different sorts of people, providing me with a challenge meeting their particular needs. Honesty, integrity and the attention to detail in hearing, designing and executing the job at hand is what keeps my clients coming back. I create one of kind designs with your needs, wants and taste in mind.”

Sandy Swaringen, Consign @ 5th

Sandy Swaringen, Consign @ 5th

Sandy Swaringen

Consign @ 5th
450-A 17 Business N.
Surfside Beach, SC
Main: 843-213-1178

“Family is important to me,” began Sandy Swaringen, owner of Consign @ 5th. “Being busy most of the time, I look forward to holidays when we can get together for cookouts or dinners. This year we’ll cookout at my sister’s pool and go to the beach to watch fireworks.” An avid gardener, Sandy enjoys spending time in the yard, but also loves the beach. She doesn’t have a lot of time to work out, and said, “I am so active during the day—moving furniture, etc. that I’m too ‘pooped’ to exercise when I get home!” Sandy went on to say, “I love the heat, but not the humidity! I’m mostly indoors at work, so I thank God for A/C!”

“People are the best thing about my business,” said Sandy. “I love meeting and dealing with new and frequent customers. Everyone has a story to tell. I have been in this business for 20 years, and we try to have different merchandise every day to give our customers a ‘treasure hunt.’ We strive to carry high quality merchandise at a reasonable price. Most importantly, we have a friendly staff and create a ‘general store’ atmosphere—some of our customers love to stop by and just chat!”

Daiwey Parker, Creative Decors

Daiwey Parker, Creative Decors

Daiwey Parker

Creative Decors
94 Hwy 17 S.
North Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-249-5225

Daiwey Parker, owner of Creative Decors, will spend the July 4th holiday in Cedar Island, N.C., with her husband and grandchildren. “This is the destination my husband and I chose 50 years ago for our honeymoon and we love it there!” Daiwey remembers many happy 4th of Julys growing up when her father and mother (now deceased) would take the family to the beach. “It was always a wonderful day.” When asked about her workouts, Daiwey said she doesn’t have a regular routine, but “I love to play with my grandchildren – I exercise with them, and they keep me young at heart.”

“The wonderful customers I’ve had and friends I’ve made are the best thing about owning Creative Decors,” said Daiwey. “I’ve enjoyed my 30 years of working with people. I couldn’t have done it without the employees that have surrounded and supported me. They are the backbone of the day-to-day operation.” She believes that her services, pricing and friendly staff keep her customers coming back. “This is an industry where people can easily choose another place; however, we usually have exactly what they are looking for or know how to find it—our customers know we offer unique accessories and design capabilities!”

Jennifer Willard, Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Jennifer Willard, Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Jennifer Willard

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
2904 Fantasy Way
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 888-WE-JOUST

Jennifer Willard, Sales and Marketing Director for Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, will be celebrating the July 4th holiday in Myrtle Beach. “My 4th of July holiday includes lounging by the pool or on the beach, firing up the grill and then off to Broadway at the Beach for fireworks! I have quite a few good 4th of July memories– my favorites are when I was a child growing up in East Tennessee, and we would celebrate 4th of July on the lake.” This busy executive loves the outdoors and staying in shape. “I am a beach person,” Jennifer began. “I love living here! And I enjoy working out. My favorite way to stay in shape is dancing and roller skating. I also participate in ZUMBA several times a week.”

Jennifer also loves her work. “The best thing about working in the hospitality/tourism industry in Myrtle Beach is that there is so much to do, but we still have that ‘small town’ feeling. Medieval Times is really a unique experience. We set the bar high at our show-a castle–it’s truly a chance to really feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Our incredible show, along with exceptional customer service, create a dinner and show that is truly a ‘knight out’ guests won’t soon forget!”

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