Sasee Rising Star: Nicole Davis

Sasee Rising Star: Nicole Davis

Sasee Rising Star, Nicole Davis, daughter of John Davis, Jr., is a senior at Waccamaw High School. She is an accomplished flutist and a member of her high school band. Nicole was recently awarded a prestigious Young Treasures Music Scholarship by the Cultural Council of Georgetown County, receiving a year of private music lessons and performance opportunities.

Age: 17

Family: I live with my grandparents, John & Kathy Davis, my dad and my sister, Kelsey.

Lives: I’ve lived in Pawleys Island since I was 10, but I grew up in the Socastee area, in Carolina Lakes.

Best/worst thing about school: I really like learning and being in a learning environment. The worst is when people act up and ruin it.

Loves: I’m really into music, family, school and my Christian faith.

Pets: We have one dog, a boxer, named Sandy.

Perfect Day: That’s hard. I really like going to the beach with my friends, but I like rainy days, too. I like anything I do with my friends and anything musical.

Favorite Meal: I love tacos and ice cream. My favorite restaurant is Habaneros.

Beauty: I think people are beautiful who are nice and have a great personality. Some people look really good, but aren’t nice. I don’t think those people are pretty.

Favorite Outfit: I’m usually wearing shorts and a tee shirt.

Friendship: A friend is someone you feel safe with, can rely on and will always be there no matter what happens. I like being with my close friends rather than large groups—they’re trustworthy and fun to be around.

College: I plan to attend USC and major in music education.

Future Career: I love the flute, but have some performance anxiety so teaching appeals to me. I like the idea that if someone doesn’t know something I’ll be able to help them. I’ve been teaching the 6th, 7th and 8th graders since my freshman year in high school as part of a school band program.

Passion: Right now, my lessons with Amy Tully, a music professor at Coastal Carolina University, are my passion. I started taking lessons from her when I was awarded the Young Treasurers scholarship and I’m now starting my second year. She’s one of only two flute professors with a doctorate in South Carolina. I can also play a few other instruments; I’ll have to know them for college and am going to start piano this year.

Inspiration: When I was in the 6th grade, the high school band came to my school. That didn’t inspire me to be in band, but it was accidentally put on my schedule. When I was deciding what to play, I choose the flute because it was pretty and shiny. I didn’t like it at first, but during the summer I was bored and began playing more. Soon I loved it!

Fun: I like movies, hanging out with my Nana, she’s my other grandmother and lives in Conway, and going to the beach. I read sometimes, mostly non-fiction.

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