Women and Men Who Mean Business (September 2012)

Saundra Chapman, Elegantz

Saundra Chapman, Elegantz

Saundra Chapman

409 Hwy. 17S. Suite 2
North Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-281-6402

Saundra Chapman, owner of Elegantz in North Myrtle Beach, is looking forward to fall activities. “I can’t wait to go to the Wooden Boat show in Georgetown,” she began. “They are all made by very talented wood crafters and range from elegant to sporty. My boyfriend and I also enjoy kayaking on the Waccamaw River during the fall and winter months, where the beauty surrounds us, and we can breathe in Mother Nature at its finest.”

This fun-loving business owner expresses her creativity in a number of ways – she loves dancing to her favorite tunes at the shag clubs in North Myrtle Beach, but says she enjoys all types of music, especially while driving, either playing her favorite CDs or listening to the radio. Saundra went on to say, “I am crafty to a degree – I love to paint flower pots. I used to paint and sell them to the local nurseries. I also love to cook and bake and wear gorgeous clothes. My passion is to build beautiful wooden boats from scratch.” 

Owning Elegantz gives Saundra another way to express her creativity. “I enjoy talking to the people that visit my store and helping them in any way possible to enhance their style. Interacting with local artisans is amazing, as they are so creative and talented; each one in a unique way. I work with a few that create amazing wearable art, such as scarves and jewelry. And going to the market to choose what to put in the store is exhilarating. This is my dream that has come true in a big way!” Recently back from a trip to market in Atlanta, Saundra is thrilled with her choices, saying, “I found some exciting colors and one-of-a-kind designs. I have eclectic taste, so there will be a variety of styles for the young and the young at heart.”

Kim McCabe, Palmetto Paint & Design Center

Kim McCabe, Palmetto Paint & Design Center

Kim McCabe

Palmetto Paint & Design Center
407 St. James Street
Georgetown, SC
Main: 843-527-7870

Fall means football and Kim McCabe, Manager of Palmetto Paint and Design Center in Georgetown, is looking forward to cheering on her favorite team – the Gamecocks. “I enjoy football, fresh local oysters, bonfires and the great friends that come with them. Cooler weather means boots and scarves, lower humidity, and my hair looks a lot better,” she said laughing. Kim loves a variety of musical genres, enjoys listening in the car and said, “I love to have the house to myself to listen to music and clean. It makes cleaning a lot more fun.”

Cake decorating sparks Kim’s creative side. “I do them for my friends and their friends. However, I won’t do a wedding cake. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for a blemish on

someone’s wedding day.”

Passionate about her career, Kim said, “While I do not own Palmetto Paint and Design Center, it is mine in every other sense. I think that if you want to be successful in any job you have to treat the business as your own. I fell into this line of work about eight years ago, and it is a great fit for me. I really love it when someone comes in and tells me how happy they are with their paint colors. It is important to me for people to feel special when they leave here – because they are special! I am fortunate that I work for people who embrace my thoughts, thank me for my time and effort, and help me where I fall short.” Kim went on to talk about the latest color trends – as big in the paint industry as they are in the fashion industry. “We have a new color collection called Color Stories that is a great addition to our Classic, Color Preview and Affinity Color collections. As always, we have the best and newest products developed by Benjamin Moore!”

Amber Dendy, Nitty Gritty Nursery & Edible Garden

Amber Dendy, Nitty Gritty Nursery & Edible Garden

Amber Dendy

Nitty Gritty Nursery & Edible Garden
3791 Old Kings Hwy.
Murrells Inlet, SC
Main: 843-651-0689

Amber Dendy, owner of Nitty Gritty Nursery, enjoys listening to all kinds of music, and said, “I love music… it is food for the soul. Most of what I listen to probably came out before I was even born. I’m a big fan of classic rock (late ’60s – early ’70s), anything with blues or soul and reggae.” When asked how she expresses her creativity, Amber laughed, saying, “Let’s just say my creative brain is always in the driver’s seat. Most of the time that’s a good thing, but there is not enough time in a day for all of my ideas. I am told by loved ones that it makes me a little scattered!”

Owning a nursery is Amber’s dream come true. She says the best part is “getting paid to play in the dirt. I know that whatever I put in, is going to reflect what comes out. Not only am I doing what I love, but I get to put my own creative passion behind it.” Amber and her partner in life and in business, Joel Smith, started the nursery together. “You may not see him there watering or playing with dirt, but his blood, sweat and tears helped the nursery go vertical. We are very fortunate to have wonderful families that helped us all along the way!”

“We are excited about the upcoming fall season,” Amber began. “Cooler temperatures allow people to enjoy their yards again. Not only is fall the time to add cooler season annuals and perennials, but it is one of the best times for planting shrubs and trees! We will also have many varieties of fall veggie plants (specialty and heirloom as well as traditional), cool season herbs, and a large variety of heirloom pumpkins, gourds and jack-o’-lanterns for fall decorating.”

Billie Caswell & Kirsten Gilliam, Four Seasons Interiors

Billie Caswell & Kirsten Gilliam, Four Seasons Interiors

Billie Caswell & Kirsten Gilliam

Four Seasons Interiors
7730 N. Kings Hwy.
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-449-5330

September brings the end of the summer season, if not the end of the warm weather, and Billie Caswell, owner of Four Seasons Interiors in Myrtle Beach, said she is looking forward to wearing fall clothes, one of her favorite things about the changing season. When asked about her musical tastes, Billie said, “I enjoy music and listen mostly in the morning when my alarm clock plays Easy Radio and driving in my car from appointment to appointment.”

“My entire business revolves around my creativity,” Billie began, when asked about her artsy side. “I work hard to create not only beautiful spaces, but to bring in fresh and unique design concepts that suit my clients’ needs and desires. Personally, I also love working in my garden and delivering my friends freshly arranged flowers.”

Owning a design business is a dream come true for Billie. “Two of the best parts of owning Four Seasons are the satisfaction of making my clients happy over and over, and the pride and friendships that have come along with growing the business for over 30 years,” she said. “My first career was being a mother to my two boys, but interior design was a passion of mine from an early age. As the seasons change there is always an influx of new furniture from market, new fabric patterns and much more to incorporate into our design projects. Carrying on with my passion for beautiful things comes a love for clothes, which has led me to my most recent venture of selling Carlisle and Perse Clothing Collections during quarterly trunk shows; the next one is this month, from the 11th-19th.” Billie is also excited to welcome Kirsten Gilliam, her new design associate who joined her in April. “She is an absolute asset to the business and our clients are thrilled to have her involved in their projects.”

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