Women and Men Who Mean Business (November 2012)

Janie & Tom Aldridge, Wine and Design

Janie & Tom Aldridge, Wine and Design

Janie & Tom Aldridge

Wine and Design
5900 N. Kings Hwy., Suite E
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-213-0346

Janie Aldridge, owner of Wine and Design in Myrtle Beach, really doesn’t have a favorite food. “I like Southern food, and my husband, Tom, is a great cook. He likes to cook his special pasta sauces. I enjoy cooking, too, and love to prepare my mother’s fried chicken and potato salad, which has potatoes, onions, mustard and Dukes mayonnaise—it has to be Dukes!”

For Thanksgiving, the Aldridge family will cook all the traditional foods. “I make my mother’s sweet potatoes and her special cranberry sauce. I learned to cook from her.” The family will celebrate at home in North Myrtle Beach and after their feast will watch football and maybe play golf. “I am thankful for my husband,” Jan began. “And our faith in God. We have four grown sons and two granddaughters; Lynn is 4 and Olivia is 10.” Janie and Tom are also thankful for the opportunity to come out of retirement and do Wine and Design. “I love painting and art and Tom loves photography—we both have a passion for the arts. My husband is such a wonderful man—we enjoy doing most everything together.”

Wine and Design will host private holiday parties throughout the season. “It’s fun for people to come and make presents—everyone loves to get something handmade by the children in their life. We also do birthday parties and will start after school programs soon after the first of the year. Our Art Buzz Kids program is so exciting; it gets children involved in all kinds of different art.” Wine and Design is also a fun place for a girls’ night out or corporate team building events. “Everyone laughs and enjoys the time together, plus they get to take home a piece of art they created!”

Myra Starnes, Leisure Time Unlimited, Inc.

Myra Starnes, Leisure Time Unlimited, Inc.

Myra Starnes

Leisure Time Unlimited, Inc.
708 Main Street
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-448-9483

Myra Starnes, President of Leisure Time Unlimited, Inc., loves ice cream. “I love all flavors. Ice Cream is like a drink for me. It settles me down no matter how upset or mad I am!” Myra’s company brings us the Dickens Christmas Festival so this time of year she is really busy, but when she has time, Myra does love to cook. “I have a good many favorites. Spaghetti is probably my specialty, and I make delicious beef tips with peppers and onions that my grandmother got from her grandmother! I love spicy ethnic foods—when I was in high school we had to bring a list of all the spices in our cabinets at home. Most girls had only a few, but my list was 2 1/2 pages long.”

Myra will spend Thanksgiving with her friends and family. “You never know who’s going to be at my table—my son and I have lots of people who come to bless us. There will be people there from a lot of different backgrounds—we’ll have an interesting lunch! I am so thankful this year for my son, my adopted Vietnamese family and others I have adopted through the years. And I’m thankful for my employees and my business friends. It takes a lot of people to do the Dickens Show.”

The Dickens Show helps many charities in our area. “All the things in the back are for charity,” Myra began. “No one gets paid, the charities get 100%. We also have new crafters this year, all sorts of jewelry, accessories, Christmas villages, dolls, dollhouses, imported items, handmade items…the list goes on and on…The Dickens Show is in its 31st year and has 350 vendors. Come and enjoy the show!”

Max Goree, Pawleys Island Bakery

Max Goree, Pawleys Island Bakery

Max Goree

Pawleys Island Bakery
10517 Ocean Hwy.
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-237-3100

Max Goree, owner of Pawleys Island Bakery, is a strict vegetarian, but for a treat, he loves the fried pickles at Quigley’s. “I still enjoy cooking what I used to eat though! Pork dishes are my favorite to prepare. For myself, I love to make pasta or rice with vegetables. I also enjoy Thai and Italian food; both are easily adapted to my diet.” Born in Missouri, Max began cooking professionally many years ago. “My first job was a burger cook—I did not like it! But, I have managed country clubs and worked around food for most of my career.”

For Thanksgiving, Max and his wife, Susan, will make…reservations! “I have three step-children and while they were growing up we cooked a traditional ‘turkey with all the trimmings’ dinner, but now that the youngest is 29, it’s easier to go out. Plus, Susan and I really need a break!” This year, Max and Susan are especially thankful for their first granddaughter, Scarlett. “Professionally, I’m so thankful for the opportunity to live and work in Pawleys Island, a community that has adopted me and my business. I never want to leave this beautiful place. Susan and I leave work every day, go home and get our two little Maltese dogs, Cocoa and Chanel, and head to the beach—it’s so beautiful.”

Pawleys Island Bakery will have lots of delicious special cookies, bars, cakes, tarts and pies for your holiday celebrations and are already taking orders. “We will also be doing holiday parties for businesses and residences, just give us a call.” Max and his staff will be taking orders through Thanksgiving week—stop by and get your favorites!

Gary Anderson & Aleene Miller, Lands End Restaurant

Gary Anderson & Aleene Miller, Lands End Restaurant

Gary Anderson & Aleene Miller

Lands End Restaurant
444 Marina Dr.
Georgetown, SC
Main: 843-527-1376

Aleene Miller, co-manager of Lands End Restaurant in Georgetown, loves many different foods, but said, “My husband hunts duck, and we do a duck supper that all of us love. I roast the ducks with rosemary and onion, and then make gravy—it’s delicious!” Co-manager, Gary Anderson, is looking forward to being invited to one of the Miller’s duck dinners. Gary and Aleene have both been cooking for many years. “We’ve both been in and out of kitchens for most of our careers. Gary has worked for Chive Blossom and Big Tuna, and I had my own catering business.” Aleene went on to tell me, “I love almost all food. At the moment, Gary and I are both into seasonal dishes. He came up with a delicious recipe featuring spaghetti squash. We grill scallops with prosciutto and serve it over the spaghetti squash with a maple bourbon sauce.”

Lands End will be closed on Thanksgiving, giving these hard-working chefs a break. Aleene, her husband and two young sons will travel to Edisto to see her family and spend some time with her in-laws in Georgetown. Gary plans to travel to his hometown of Rock Hill and spend the day with family. “We both come from very traditional backgrounds,” Aleene said.

Both Gary and Aleene are very thankful for the overwhelming local support since they took over Lands End last February. “We have been very pleased with the response to our new menu and the daily specials have been a big hit. Lands End is such a beautiful place, and its outstanding view has made it a local’s favorite for many years.” Aleene and Gary will be doing a lot of catering this holiday season, both in-house and off premises. “We are focusing on quality, seasonal dishes—please stop by and enjoy a meal with us!”

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