Women and Men Who Mean Business (December 2012)

Bridget & Terry Bishop, Bless Your Letter Art

Bridget & Terry Bishop, Bless Your Letter Art

Bridget & Terry Bishop

Bless Your Letter Art
Barefoot Landing (Seasonal Location)
North Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 704-254-8387

Bridget Bishop, who owns Bless Your Letter Art with her husband, Terry, says her favorite piece of jewelry is her wedding ring and her diamond necklace. “Terry bought the necklace for me in London before we were married—that says ‘love’ to me!”

Terry and Bridget collect Letter Art from all over the world. “We first saw this creative art form in a Christian bookstore. Hanging on the wall was the word ‘Faith’ made from architectural photos of buildings spelling out each letter in shadows and windows. The light bulb went off over my husband’s head!” Terry and Bridget knew that this was it—they could do this, and decided to start doing their own letter art. “Immediately we got a camera and went in search of artsy, creative, and above all, unusual ways to see and make ordinary objects into beautiful works of art. We take the individual photos, but we let people choose their own words, and then each letter. It becomes an extension of THEIR imagination and starts to take on a life of its own.”

Terry and Bridget have nine grandchildren that live between Charlotte and Myrtle Beach. “We’ll spend Christmas with our families in Charlotte and here in Myrtle Beach.” On New Year’s Eve, they will watch fireworks and spend time with family. “Terry’s daughter was born on January 1st; so many times we’re celebrating her birthday as well as the New Year.” This is Terry and Bridget’s third year creating Letter Art, and their second full year in business. “We are so blessed. Our customers will find 150 new letters added for the Christmas season. Our latest ‘Letter Safari’ took us to the Holy Lands of Israel where we spent 10 days searching the Old City of Jerusalem. We have added letters no one else has from many Holy sites.”

Charles Biddix, Palmetto Ace Home Center

Charles Biddix, Palmetto Ace Home Center

Charles Biddix

Palmetto Ace Home Center
8317 S. Ocean Hwy.
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-235-3555

Charles Biddix, owner of Palmetto Ace Home Center in Pawleys Island is not much on jewelry, but said, “I do enjoy collecting watches. I love the technology and the style. I also collect HO model Southern railroad trains. My uncle also shares this passion, and we enjoyed building fairly elaborate train sets in his North Carolina mountain home. I hope one day I can display my train collection and build my own model train layout.” Charles’ favorite family heirloom is his father’s early camera collection. “I shared the love of photography with my father. And I continue to add to the camera collection.”

Charles and his wife, Maryanne, are looking forward to the holiday season. “We celebrate the holidays with both my family and my wife’s family. We’re on the road a lot during the holidays. We love being together and, of course, eating quite a bit! At this time we’re not sure of our New Year’s Eve plans, but I know we’ll have something planned soon.”

When asked to reflect on his business in 2012, Charles said, “Our spring and summer business is strong. It is surprising how much our volume is impacted by the tourist. You would not think so for a hardware store, but we have so many repeat customers that tell us we are their first stop when they arrive at the beach.” Locals will find plenty of great gift ideas at Palmetto Ace Home Center, and Charles is really excited about their selection of Christmas trees. “We have several different themed trees this year including a sea/beach tree, nature tree and a hunting tree. Something for everyone!”

Darleen & Curtis Brown, Castano’s

Darleen & Curtis Brown, Castano’s

Darleen & Curtis Brown

4926 Hwy. 17 S.
Barefoot Landing

North Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-361-2000

Co-owner of Castano’s in Barefoot Landing, Darleen Brown loves her Pandora bracelet. “Every charm has a certain, special meaning to me. For example, my son plays guitar so I have a charm for that; I have gold dice from Las Vegas and others that are important to me.” Most women will understand Darleen’s passion for collecting shoes. “Wherever we travel I will get a unique pair of shoes. I have lots of high heels in every kind and color. I love shoes!” A special memento from her childhood is Darleen’s most prized heirloom. “I have a grandfather clock that my parents bought in the early ‘70s that moves with me wherever I go. Every time I hear it chime it takes me back to being a kid growing up in the suburbs of Chicago.” 

The Brown family spends the holidays with family. “We generally just have the kids and have a nice quiet Christmas with our immediate family.” But, New Year’s Eve will be a special day at Castano’s in Barefoot Landing. “We are gathering up all of our new and old friends to enjoy New Year’s Eve at the restaurant. We hope everyone will come and join us—we promise it will be fun!”

Moving to Myrtle Beach was the best thing the Brown’s did in 2012. “We have met such nice, friendly people. We love it here.” Curtis and Darleen are excited to introduce their customers to a special dining experience at Castano’s. “We offer a dining experience that combines some of the best culinary talent with friendly staff in an atmosphere second to none. Come in and find the meaning of ‘dinnertainment!’”

Alesia Papastavros, Inlet Square Mall

Alesia Papastavros, Inlet Square Mall

Alesia Papastavros

Inlet Square Mall
Inlet Square Mall
10125 Hwy. 17 Bypass

Murrells Inlet, SC
Main: 843-651-6990

Alesia Papastavros, the new Marketing Director at Inlet Square Mall, didn’t hesitate when asked to name her favorite piece of jewelry. “My without a doubt, hands down, all-time favorite piece of jewelry is also my newest piece—my engagement ring! My (now) fiancé proposed on August 18th, and to this day, I can’t stop staring! He must really love me!” This busy executive does have a favorite collection—her shoes! “If I’m having a tough day, nothing says ‘it’s going to be alright’ quite like a pair of high heels.” Alesia’s favorite family piece is her godmother’s garter from her wedding day. “My oldest cousin, Ziggy, who unexpectedly passed away last year at 31 years old had caught it at her reception and held onto it throughout the course of his life. Anything which allows me to rekindle his memory and spirit is something I cherish. It is this garter that I’ll wear on my wedding day in September of 2013.”

Alesia has a busy holiday season planned. My fiancé and I are living in Myrtle Beach, but both of our families, except for his parents, still live in Connecticut. We’ll be enjoying our first Christmas as an engaged couple back home and will fly back on Christmas Day to spend the day with my soon-to-be in-laws. Usually, New Year’s Eve is something we play by ear. We seem to do well with spur of the moment plans!”

We have a ton of great holiday events at Inlet Square Mall throughout December! Live performances from choirs, dance groups, bands, and more! We also have a number of great new tenants coming in throughout the season! Kids Club events, Mall Walker meetings, and photos with Santa are just a few of the things you can expect to keep you entertained at Inlet Square this holiday season!”

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