Letters to the Editor: 2012

Sasee loves the stories our readers share with us!

This is just a note to thank you for Melissa Face’s story. It brought back memories of my problems finding footwear for my 1947 wedding. Those after-the-war years hadn’t yet caught up with such appropriate fashions.

I was perfectly comfortable dancing in my Daniel Greene BEDROOM SLIPPERS, white satin, of course, and nobody guessed my secret.

Again, thank you for reminding this 88 year old “girl” of such a happy time.

Dear Editor…

I was busy in the kitchen on the morning of Thanksgiving when my husband called out, “Hey did you save your mother’s recipes?” He went on to say they were treasures.

A little later, he said, “Here’s an insightful article on taking time for your children instead of worrying about a neat house.” I called to him from the kitchen that I thought I was “too busy” when our kids were little.

A little later he said, “Here’s a dynamic person, she started a cupcake business, got a national award. Come on over here to see what her kitchen looks like.”

I went to his recliner in the next room and you probably already know, he was going through Sasee’s latest issue which he then described as “a dazzling display of wit and charm.”

My husband, Paul, is not effusive to say the least. He’s not given to lavish compliments. Let’s see…he’s from Minnesota and Michigan, an ex-football player with a very sweet side which you have to hang around for some time to ferret out.

He read through the whole issue, complimenting Sasee writers, whose company I’m proud to share.

You never know who your fans will be.

Oh my gosh…I so enjoyed this issue of Sasee so much that I just had to share some thoughts with you.

Linda O’Connell made me think of my Mom telling me stories from back in the depression era when they had to cut inserts from cardboard for their old shoes, too. I think back to a time when I was growing up. I had a pair of almost worn out shoes that I loved so much that I tried the same thing! No one ever knew, but that cardboard did not last long. Those shoes were trashed after the first rain.

Janey Womeldorf’s article about “Fashion, Aging and Purging” was so me! I was laughing so hard in the car while we were traveling that my husband had to turn the radio off to hear about what I was reading!

And closest to my heart was Sabrina Wang’s story about her hair. I found myself right back to the summer of 2006 when I was diagnosed with AML-leukemia. I, too, decided when my hair was leaving my body. Oh, my precious hair. I couldn’t imagine watching my hair fall out. My nurse, Val, said she had clippers, was great at shaving, and would charge them whenever I was ready. At the first sign of hairs on my pillow I asked her to fire them up. That was the best thing I ever did for my psyche. It must have something to do with doing it my way rather than letting chemo decide for me. My husband and son joined me in baldness by shaving their heads, too.

Today just happens to be the anniversary of my diagnosis. I am so blessed to be alive.

Thanks, again, for this great issue. I’m going to stash it, in my closet, for days I have the “punies.” That should bring a smile to my face.

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