Library in the Sky

By Rose Ann Sinay

My Kindle broke.

It may have had something to do with dropping it, screen face down…on the tile floor…hard. First was that feeling of disbelief. I had over 500 books saved on it, 450 unread. Mostly free books mind you, but behind this compilation of titles was two years of summary reading and slogging through countless critiques and reviews (many, I’m sure, written by the author’s friends and family). I take pushing that “buy” button very seriously.

When my husband, who can fix almost anything, declared the device “dead,” I mourned it more than I had my cell phone that had drowned in a puddle of wine (I wish I could say there was an interesting story in that). My attachment to the reading gadget surprised me. I hadn’t jumped on the e-reader bandwagon right away. I had sniffed at the electronic replacement in disdain. I felt utterly transcendental believing that nothing could substitute the feel of a book in hand, turning each and every page. So what if I have to travel thirty miles to a big, chain bookstore to get my favorite authors’ newest books. Weren’t Stephen King, Jeffry Archer and Ken Follett worth the ride? Reading their words on real paper, with corners that could be folded down into a tiny triangle when that ever elusive bookmark couldn’t be found, needing the bedside light on (and arguing with your spouse about turning it off) were all part of the true reading experience.

I probably would never have bought an e-reader for myself, so when my husband gave it to me for Christmas, I insisted that he had to set it up. I didn’t want to like it, and I certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with the technology at my fingertips. But I did.

I called Amazon hoping that there was something I could do to revive my friend and its bulging memory. But, alas, I would have to purchase a new device. The good news was all those books did not go down with the ship. It seems that these books do not reside solely within the walls of the thin plastic apparatus, but rather in the ambiguity of “your account.” An account – on a cloud – it’s an abstract concept to me, like: how does a jet stay in the air? (Please don’t judge. From the number of people who asked if I lost all my books, I have realized that there are a lot of us technology deficient people out there.) I was just relieved that my books were safe.

I found a website that defined all those scary “E” words and related terms for non-techno savvy people. Armed with a little more knowledge than I had before, I made my purchase. I upgraded. I ordered a tablet. Not only could I read books, gather them on a server and download them literally at the very touch of my finger, but I could check my email and my Facebook. In my spare time I could surf the web anytime, anywhere.

This time when the package arrived in the mail, I was excited and couldn’t wait to see all my books that were waiting for me, sitting on that cloud (server). A reading marathon was in my near future.

I have had my tablet for two weeks. My desktop computer has been downgraded to a word processor since my new device and I have rarely been apart. My email is up-to-date and checked more often than ever before. I have “liked” all my friends’ Facebook posts and have discovered how to post my own. I now have 550 titles in my personal online library. Reading book reviews has become an obsession. Instead of choosing from a hundred free e-books, there are thousands of them, floating out there in the great beyond, just waiting for me to select with the tiny tap of my pinky.

Now, If only I had the time to read them all.

About this writer

  • Rose Ann Sinay Rose Ann Sinay is a freelance writer typing away in sunny North Carolina. Her articles/stories have been published in The Carolinas Today, The Oddville Press and The Brunswick Beacon.

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5 Responses to “Library in the Sky”

  1. Tammy Rohlf says:

    So happy to know that I am not the only technology challenged person out there! Love it!

  2. Mary Ann Miller says:

    Loved it! I can certainly relate, having just recently received my own Kindle as a birthday gift from my husband (who had to set it up due to my lack of technological know-how). That being said, his casual use of my Kindle to familiarize himself with its many features led to his sole use of the device leaving me with no other alternative than to purchase one for him for Christmas. Alas, what would happen to my store of books, games etc. now registered in his name once he registered the new Kindle in his own name?! Well, you know the outcome of that if you are familiar with Kindle and Nook, but I found this short story extremely amusing; finding my own experience put into words. Well done Rose Ann! So entertaining once again; seeing my own experiences reflected in someone else’s life also!

  3. Diane Quackenbush says:

    Rose Ann Sinay never ceases to amaze me. I await every new monthly edition with anticipation of what she will write next. I am also lucky to be able to call her friend.

  4. Rose Ann says:

    Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Much appreciated, my friend!

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