Women and Men Who Mean Business (January 2013)

Chris Cervini, Christopher's Fine Jewelry

Chris Cervini, Christopher’s Fine Jewelry

Chris Cervini

Christopher’s Fine Jewelry
11412 Ocean Hwy.
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-237-3773

Chris Cervini, owner of Christopher’s Fine Jewelry, travels to snowy climates in the winter. “I love to snow ski and usually head out to Colorado. If I’m in the area, I try to get out on the golf course, but I’m usually working!” While this busy businessman doesn’t have a lot of time to read, Chris does treasure time spent in a good book—a real book! “Right now I’m reading A Father’s Gift, by Kenneth Wingate and Business Stripped Bare, by Richard Branson. When there is time, Chris also enjoys movies—his recent favorite is the new James Bond movie, but he likes anything with Robert Redford or Paul Newman.

Caffeine is a no-no for Chris. “I drink mostly water, but I do enjoy the occasional martini or glass of wine.” He also treats himself to the infrequent Philly cheese steak from Tony’s Pizza or, sometimes, a really good cheeseburger. As for vacations, other than his winter ski trips, Chris’s travels in the winter are limited to an annual business trip in February.”

Customers of Christopher’s Fine Jewelry have some surprises in store for 2013. “I have some new lines coming in—I can’t divulge what they are yet, but I am excited about these fresh, unique designs. I’ve been in business for 19 years and love the diversity and challenges this business brings me. Even though it’s sometimes hard to choose, I really look forward to doing the buying for Christopher’s. Most importantly, I have wonderful, close relationships with my customers, and create new ones daily, whether they’re bringing a cherished piece in for me to redesign or looking for something new and unique. This is a happy business—I’m helping people celebrate emotional, special occasions.”

Vicki Haselden Johns & Jean Haselden, Revive Your Style

Vicki Haselden Johns & Jean Haselden, Revive Your Style

Vicki Haselden Johns & Jean Haselden

Revive Your Style
13089 Ocean Hwy.
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-237-3773

Vicki Haselden Johns, partner in Revive Your Style, is definitely a warm weather person. “I love the beach all year round!” A “real” book lover, Vicki’s favorite book is an old Bible. “The cover is worn thin and the pages are fragile. The only clue to the age is a handwritten list of names inside the back cover. The date is noted as November 2, 1896.” A lifelong coffee drinker, Vicki remembers mornings spent with her grandfather. “Papa and I would share a cup of coffee (mine being mostly sugar and milk). It’s a memory that has sparked a lifelong love of coffee.”

Barbeque is Vicki’s favorite winter comfort food. “Some of my fondest memories revolve around a log cabin in the woods in Georgetown County. It was a place we called ‘The Pond’ and it was the setting for many family gatherings and pig-pickings. There was no heat, only a huge fireplace that we kept going all night. The cabin smelled of wood and oranges as we always tossed our orange rinds in the fire.”

Early in January, Revive Your Style will host a Sunday afternoon open house. “We are planning an expansion of our business. This store is new and exciting to us, and we believe it will be to our customers. A year ago, this was not even a dream, much less a dream come true! Within six weeks of the first thought of opening Revive Your Style, we had found the location, obtained the lease, renovated the building, stocked the store and opened for business!” Vicki operates Revive Your Style with her brother, Bill Haselden, sister-in-law, Jean Haselden and good friend Teresa Turberville. “I think we all came together with a desire to learn, work hard and succeed. The fun and laughter are bonuses and blessings.” Find Revive Your Style on Facebook: “We love it when people ‘like’ us!”

Wm. Jackson Epperson, M.D., Bio-Identical Hormones, Inc.

Wm. Jackson Epperson, M.D., Bio-Identical Hormones, Inc.

Wm. Jackson Epperson, M.D.

Bio-Identical Hormones, Inc.
912 Inlet Square Dr.
Murrells Inlet, SC
Main: 843-651-0215

Wm. Jackson Epperson, M.D., of Bio-Identical Hormones, located at Inlet Medical & Dental Center in Murrells Inlet, enjoys outdoor winter activities like duck hunting, but his favorite thing is spending time with his family. “I enjoy reading non-fiction,” began Dr. Epperson. “Right now I’m reading a ‘real book’ I bought at Mepkin Abbey in Charleston called Remember to Live Your Life Now. As for movies, my wife and I recently saw Lincoln, but I was not impressed from a historical point of view. My favorite movie memory is watching Home Alone with my son Joey when he was little. That was a fun movie.”

Intent on good health, Dr. Epperson does not drink coffee. “I drink water most of the time. It is healthier.” And his favorite food is broccoli. “I eat it at most meals.” Travel for Dr. Epperson means going to a milder climate. “I love to go where it is warm.”

Dr. Epperson has been treating patients with hormone health issues for over 25 years. There are established advances in hormone treatments that he has carefully researched in his efforts to create a top quality program. Bio-Identical Hormones focuses on each patient’s special needs, with trustworthy scientific knowledge, to provide the best and safest management possible. This new approach is being enjoyed by thousands of patients in America and Europe where new supporting studies are being published every day. So many patients, especially women, suffer every day (and night) from the loss or imbalance of their hormones. Many more live sub-optimal lives as they think that they must tolerate unpleasant symptoms as a normal part of aging. “We are delighted to assist you in regaining your joy and life. Weight loss is achievable. Hormone balancing has numerable benefits—balance is the key. We can help you gain control of your life.”

Ed & Mo Russo, Fitness N' FriendZ

Ed & Mo Russo, Fitness N’ FriendZ

Ed & Mo Russo

Fitness N’ FriendZ
Hwy. 17N. Surfside Plaza
Surfside Beach, SC
Main: 843-796-0336

Mo and Ed Russo, father and son, as well as co-owners of Fitness N’ FriendZ, are originally from Florida and enjoy being outside in mild weather, working on cars or sailing. When it is too cold to be outside, both men are quick to pick up a book—mostly inspirational or entrepreneurial. Movies are another fun winter activity, and James Bond flicks are a favorite of father and son. Mo used to drink a lot of coffee. “I weighed over 200 pounds and when I got serious about hitting my 160 pound goal, I cut out everything, including coffee with creamer. Now it’s just black coffee or green tea for me.” Ed is not a coffee drinker—his morning drink is Red Bull.

Ed was quick to name his favorite winter comfort food. “Being Italian, I love pasta, it’s simple and satisfying.” Mo’s diet keeps him on his toes where food is concerned, but he could “eat seafood seven days a week!” Winter travel is usually limited to visits to Maine to visit family. Ed loves to snowboard, and Mo enjoys the fresh lobster!

Fitness N’ FriendZ is a new business, open only three months, and is having their grand opening on January 11th and 12th. “We offer Barre and Zumba® Fitness classes at all times of the day,” said Mo. “My son and I are two of only four licensed Zumba® instructors in the area. Our two Barre

instructors both taught at ‘Barre Las Vegas.’ Barre incorporates basic Ballet moves, Pilates and Yoga in an intense low impact workout. It is not an easy class but we have clients of all ages, from my youngest son of 14 to women over 60 years young! Barre and Zumba® make a great combination!  We also offer other dance exercise programs and plan on offering other Zumba® Specialty Classes such as Zumbatomic®, classes geared to the kids.”

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  1. Great article on the Fitness and Friends! Congrats and Good Luck on the Grand Opening! But I think they must have missed quoted Mo Russo … Because there are over 100 certified Zumba instructors in the Myrtle Beach area.. and there are 20 to 25 in Surfside/Garden City alone … opps,

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