Women and Men Who Mean Business (March 2013)

Selena Harrison, Island Shoes

Selena Harrison, Island Shoes

Selena Harrison

Island Shoes
Hammock Shops
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-237-8512

Selena Harrison, owner of Island Shoes in Pawleys Island, does not garden. She laughed and told me, “I have a black thumb and can’t grow a thing! I do love flowers, though. I think my favorite are peonies, they have such a huge impact. I love tulips and poppies, too.” This busy business owner does care about the environment. “My latest ‘green’ practice has been to change all the light bulbs at home and the shop to the more eco-friendly compact florescent.” Readily admitting that she is not organized, Selena hired someone to help her organize her life. “I have done really well—I have labeled shelves for everything. And, all my clothes are now color coordinated—I love how this has simplified my life!”

The child of a Jewish father and Methodist mother, Selena had the best of both worlds growing up in Georgetown. “I went to Synagogue with my grandmother, but we celebrated Easter with my mother’s family. I always loved sunrise service and occasionally my father would go with us.” Some years, Selena’s family would have already moved over to the family’s beach house in Pawleys Island by Easter and, today, the family still gathers there to celebrate the holiday. “We have a wonderful magical time, with children, grandchildren and lots of good food!”

“Everything is new and exciting at Island Shoes,” began Selena, “with lots of gorgeous spring and summer inventory. Color is back this year, both brights and pastels; round-toed flats and pointed-toed flats, and platforms are huge. It’s all over the board this season. It’ll be interesting to see what people like!”

Tilghman Smith, Studio 77

Tilghman Smith, Studio 77

Tilghman Smith

Studio 77
Rainbow Harbor
5001 N. Kings Hwy.
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-497-5931

Tilghman Smith, owner of Studio 77, could not choose her favorite flower. “I love so many types of flowers—snapdragons, peonies, sunflowers, orchids, Gerber daisies—I am not sure I could pick just one favorite!” When asked about her organizational techniques, Tilghman said, “I do consider myself organized, but sometimes it is an organized ‘mess!’ For example, my desk at work looks like an unorganized mess but if you ask me for a piece of paper, I can find it in a quick minute. I love to organize, but what usually happens is the smallest project turns into a bigger project—starting to organize one drawer will lead to complete kitchen organization and then move on to another room too!

Tilghman is looking forward to celebrating Easter with her family and prefers an intimate, elegant celebration. “Last year we had an Easter lunch on our back patio with champagne and a beautifully set table.”

Studio 77 has a lot going on this spring! “We are continuing to fine tune our personalized customer service by updating our ‘wish list’ registry and trying to listen as our customers make comments in the shop. That way, when friends or family come shopping we can suggest ideas based on what we have heard.”

Max Goree, Pawleys Island Bakery

Max Goree, Pawleys Island Bakery

Max Goree

Pawleys Island Bakery
10517 Ocean Hwy.
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-237-3100

Max Goree, owner of Pawleys Island Bakery, enjoys gardening because the results are beautiful! Right now, he’s growing rosemary, lavender and poppies. When asked his favorite flower, Max said he loves the Tea Olive shrub because of its wonderful smell. We are all more aware of the importance of protecting our environment these days and Max is no exception.

“I consider myself somewhat ‘green’ and always recycle. I think it’s important to give back to this wonderful community. We also regularly change our thermostats to reduce the use.” As a restaurant owner, Max “spring cleans” all year long and is always very organized. Cleaning is a daily ritual, at home and at the bakery. When asked his Easter plans, Max laughed. “I am in food service and will be working on Easter.”

Pawleys Island Bakery is expanding their lunch and catering menus this spring. “We are adding to our menu but will still offer all of our customers’ breakfast and lunch favorites— pastries, including cinnamon rolls, croissants, scones, bagels, muffins, breads, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bars and cake slices. We also serve delicious sandwiches on artisan breads, salads and soups, along with fresh coffee, tea, hot chocolate, bottled water, juices and other cold drinks are available. Come relax and enjoy our cozy seating area with a gallery of local photographs. Free Wi-Fi is available. Don’t forget to ask about our custom cakes, wedding cakes are our specialty!”

Cindy Davenport, The Social Garden

Cindy Davenport, The Social Garden

Cindy Davenport

The Social Garden
10707 Ocean Hwy.
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-712-1365

Cindy Davenport, owner of The Social Garden in Pawleys Island, has some wonderful gardening memories. “My favorite memories of my grandmother are working in her flower garden and learning about plants. She ‘talked’ to each one as they were planted telling them to grow strong and stay healthy. As they matured, I was thrilled to become the weed puller to help them continue their journey. We were able to supply the neighborhood with flowers including weddings, dinner parties and get out of the doghouse make-ups! Flowers are important in my life. As an Interior Designer, I specialized in resort properties. I was always aware that flowers, and especially paintings of flowers, made a room warmer and everyone loved them.”

Cindy went on to share some bittersweet news with us. “We’ve had the wonderful opportunity to have several retail shops over the years and have met the most wonderful people! Our shop has been a special treat for my husband Bill and me. We have been able to reach out to our community to help with many charities such as Miss Ruby’s Kids, Smith Family Clinic, St. Christopher’s Children, Pawleys Island Festival of Music and Art and now with Tara Hall for Boys. We will continue to help in any way we are needed. Sadly, we are closing our shop. We certainly want to thank our customers for their support. The closing sale will offer pricing with 50% discounts, excluding original art. Again, thanks to our many customers and wonderful friends.”

What is in the future for Cindy? “Traveling and spending time with our granddaughters, enjoying this wonderful community of Pawleys Island. I will still continue to create wreaths and will do personal shopping for those who are looking for décor for their home and garden.”

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