Meet Wayne & Angie Eggleston

By Leslie Moore

Meet Wayne & Angie Eggleston

Married for 33 years, Wayne and Angie Eggleston have spent most of their married life working together. For the first 20 years, the couple served together in the United States Air Force, and since 2006, they have worked together establishing Wayne’s View Photography as one of the most successful photography businesses in the area. Seven years ago Wayne left his full time job to pursue his love of photography. At the time, Angie was working for an insurance company, and her days were spent driving back and forth to Charleston. As business increased, Angie would help Wayne on weekends and evenings, and loved every minute. Soon, she was able to leave her job to again work full time with Wayne. These days, with wedding season in full swing, Wayne and Angie are busy making sure that the happiest of days will always be remembered with spectacular photographs.

What trends are you seeing in weddings this year?

Wayne: There are fewer brides on a budget – weddings are higher end than ever before. Rather than a wedding on the beach, brides are choosing to get married at the country club or on a local plantation, like Greenfield Plantation outside of Georgetown or Brookgreen Gardens. All weddings are different; one we liked had chandeliers in the trees!

Angie: A recent wedding had three inches of flower petals on the bride’s walkway, it was amazing! More people want to have a string quartet at their wedding. Upscale weddings held outside are all the rage. Brides are booking their weddings a year or a year and a half in advance now. Not too long ago, we had many more last minute requests. Families are more involved now, too. Recently we did a bridal shoot and both sets of parents came. It was really nice to see how important this wedding was to everyone involved.

What should brides know when choosing their photographer?

Wayne: You should always choose someone you like personally. There are so many different styles and approaches, make sure yours blends well with whomever you choose.

Angie: It’s important for brides to meet face-to-face with their photographer. You are going to spend more time with your photographer than anyone else you have working on your wedding. We are with our brides from bridal photos to the time they first get dressed on their wedding day through the time they say goodnight at the reception.

Don’t price shop, just forget pricing and find someone you like. If they are right for you, they’ll work with your budget. When we meet a bride we really like, we want to be a part of her wedding and will do whatever we can to work out the pricing.

What do you enjoy most about photographing weddings?

Angie: We do this because we have a passion for photography, not to get rich. Wayne is the creative genius with the camera, but I love the administrative side of the business and working with our brides. Most people don’t realize that Wayne puts in at least two hours of artistic work on his photographs for every hour he works shooting. After the wedding is over, Wayne has the task of making each photograph looks its very best.

Wayne: We won’t do more than one wedding a weekend, so we can give it our complete attention. Usually, we do around 35-40 weddings a year.

A funny story about how we came to photograph one couple: We were walking through a parking lot, and I had my camera with me. A man and his wife stopped me and asked if I was a photographer. His wife’s family was coming from France and they needed someone to do a photo shoot. We arranged to photograph them on the beach, but the original couple didn’t come. The French couple didn’t speak a word of English and we don’t speak French! It all worked out fine, though. Angie was able to direct them. She is wonderful with our clients.

Any other advice for brides-to-be?

Wayne: Choose your photographer carefully. When the wedding cake is all eaten, when the limo drives away, the DJ has packed up and all the guests go home, all you have left are memories and photographs. Make sure they are the very best they can be!

Contact Wayne and Angie Eggleston at Wayne’s View Photography at 843-997-7248, visit or email

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