Cover Artist: Squeakie Stone

Flower Lady

Cover Artist: Squeakie Stone

James Stone has been called “Squeakie” for as as long as he can remember. He was born in Georgetown County, South Carolina, and, growing up, the family moved every year or so because his father was a sharecropper and carpenter. From the age of five, Squeakie worked in tobacco fields. He worked in a few factories and grocery stores over the years, and began work as a house painter about thirty years ago.

Squeakie’s Uncle Henry “Squirrel” Stone had been painting folk art for twenty years when he suggested to Squeakie that he try his hand at painting a picture of a church from a photograph. He always felt there was something else he should be doing, but never knew what it was until that first painting. That day, in 2002, Squeakie became a folk artist. Since 2007, the artist has painted full time and his work is sought after by collectors from as far away as England. The artist paints constantly, working in acrylics on wood.

Squeakie’s work is displayed in numerous galleries throughout the state, but to see more of his work locally, visit Grey Man Gallery in Pawleys Island or visit Squeakie’s work is also displayed in his outdoor “gallery” near Andrews, South Carolina, about 25 miles from Georgetown.

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