Mother and Daughter Teams Who Mean Business

Eleanor Pitts & LeAnne Daniels, Eleanor Pitts Fine Gifts

Eleanor Pitts & LeAnne Daniels, Eleanor Pitts Fine Gifts

Eleanor Pitts & LeAnne Daniels

Eleanor Pitts Fine Gifts
The Shoppes at Oak Lea
11096 Ocean Hwy.
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-237-8080

Eleanor Pitts and her daughter, LeAnne, have worked together about 15 years. “I was already established when she joined the business,” said Eleanor. “LeAnne was a pharmacist, but decided that wasn’t for her and came to work with us. I look forward to her taking over!”

“LeAnne and I have the same tastes and ideas for the store. I always know everything is well taken care of even though we all have our own areas of expertise,” Eleanor went on to say that LeAnne handles all the advertising, while they both do the buying and work with customers. “The buying is the fun part! Our only challenge working together is that we both want to be off at the same time because of the grandchildren, but, we are fortunate to have a wonderful staff that covers for us.”

LeAnne and Eleanor enjoy spending time together outside of work as well. Eleanor says the two of them love going to local events and have a lot of family dinners together. “Birthdays are always very special, and we do a lot with the grandchildren—William is 12 and Caroline is 11.” On Mother’s Day, LeAnne and Eleanor plan to go out for a well deserved break!

Donita Johnson & Nita Griffin, Homespun Crafters Mall

Donita Johnson & Nita Griffin, Homespun Crafters Mall

Donita Johnson & Nita Griffin

Homespun Crafters Mall
Surfside Shopping Center
114-A Hwy. 17 N.
Surfside Beach, SC
Main: 843-238-3622

Donita Johnson and her mother, Nita Griffin, own and operate Homespun Crafters Mall. “We have been working together since November 2004 when we took over the business. My mom was one of the original vendors, selling her handmade jewelry. I started sewing purses so she expanded her space. The opportunity came along to buy the business, and we jumped on it. Our love of crafts led us to be business owners.”

These two enjoy working together, but the best thing is being able to adjust their schedules for a very important little girl. “Our business allows us to take care of my 21 month old granddaughter. We try to work opposite shifts to make that possible.” The two rarely have any problems working together. “We carry a huge line of quilting fabrics, so we’re normally pulling out fabrics trying to find thinks that we can make,” said Donita. Both women love to cook and when they are not working can usually be found in the kitchen cooking big meals for the family.”

The women plan to relax on Mother’s Day and have Donita’s husband take over. “He is going to cook a wonderful meal for us and have the whole family over.”

Lindsey Kirby & Alicia Hart, Pawleys Island Wear

Lindsey Kirby & Alicia Hart, Pawleys Island Wear

Lindsey Kirby & Alicia Hart

Pawleys Island Wear
The Hammock Shops
10880 Ocean Hwy.
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-237-3475

Alicia Hart and daughter, Lindsey, recently married to Adam Kirby of Bistro 217, are the dynamic team behind Pawleys Island Wear. Lindsey worked part time through high school and college at Pawleys Island Wear and has worked with her mom for over 15 years.

“We may be mother and daughter but we are also best friends and enjoy spending time together. Both of us love fashion and enjoy making women feel good about themselves,” said Lindsey. Alicia added, “We both have different tastes and opinions, but that is what makes our business work so well. You need to have different visions. Our motto is ‘Fashion for the Ages;’ two different tastes brought together for women of all ages. It can be difficult during family events, but we always manage to work things out.” 

“When we are off at the same time which is very rare, we love going to the beach to relax or out for dinner, and we both enjoy being with family,” Lindsey began. “We are truly blessed!” Alicia is very excited about her Mother’s Day gift. “My sweet daughter is going to work so I can enjoy the day and relax. We’ll probably get together later for dinner.”

Rachel Buckley & Linda Pate, Simply Sophia Boutique

Rachel Buckley & Linda Pate, Simply Sophia Boutique

Rachel Buckley & Linda Pate

Simply Sophia Boutique
Black Water Market
328 Laurel Street
Conway, SC
Main: 843-488-9003

Rachel Buckley and her mom, Linda Pate, have worked together for the past two years as the owners of Simply Sophia, but have collaborated on many projects in the past. “We started Simply Sophia after the premature birth of my daughter, Sophia,” began Rachel. “I wanted Sophia to be able to be with me during the day, and we both wanted to own a business geared towards children.” Linda agreed, saying, “We chose to open our boutique in order to spend quality time with each other and Sophia.”

For Linda, the best thing about being in business with her daughter is seeing her succeed. Rachel loves being able to spend time with her mother and daughter every day. “The only down side is not being able to go on family vacations, weddings, etc., because one of us has to always be at the boutique,” said Rachel.

When not working, this dynamic team loves to shop, of course! “We love traveling but have had to limit our trips since opening the boutique,” said Linda. On Mother’s Day, the family is planning a trip to Myrtle Beach State Park for a picnic. “It will be a day full of family, fun and photos!”

Adele Richardson & Dawn Williams, Grady’s Jewelers

Adele Richardson & Dawn Williams, Grady’s Jewelers

Adele Richardson & Dawn Williams

Grady’s Jewelers
317 Laurel Street
Conway, SC
Main: 843-248-2624

Dawn Williams has worked with her mom, Adele Richardson, since 1998, “unless you count the times I helped out as a kid before I could see over the counter!” Dawn laughed. “My parents opened the jewelry store in 1970, so it was a success long before I joined the team. I was a senior in college at the time, wanted to have a more convenient work schedule and working in the family business seemed like the right move.”

Dawn and her mom enjoy spending time together. “I consider Mom one of my best friends. The biggest challenge is separating our business and personal lives; work always seems to come up in conversations, and there is never enough time to enjoy being together as a family.”

On Mother’s Day, Dawn’s family will get together for a meal to celebrate. “This will be my first official Mother’s day as a Mom. I got married in December and now have an 11 year old son, and 13 year old daughter. Up until last year, my Yorkie, Max, was my only child. He passed away last year, the week before Mother’s Day. He came to work with me every day. People still come in and ask to see him.”

Pat Bates & Page Nash, Rose Arbor Fabrics

Pat Bates & Page Nash, Rose Arbor Fabrics

Pat Bates & Page Nash

Rose Arbor Fabrics
6916 N. Kings Hwy.
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-449-7673

Pat Bates and her daughter, Page Nash, have worked together for 19 years running Rose Arbor Fabrics in Myrtle Beach. “We went into business together because Page wanted to come home to work and live after college,” Pat began. “I was doing interior design from home, but then Rose Arbor came on the market. The rest is history—here we are!”

Pat feels very fortunate to be able to work with her talented daughter. “Working together, I have been able to see Page mature, both personally and professionally. This is, I feel, a rare happening for parents and children.” Pat continued, saying, “The challenges have been making business decisions—not that we disagree, but in retail there are always questions. Personally we have had no challenges.”

This mother/daughter team spends time together outside of work as well. “We enjoy traveling and shopping when we can find time away from the business,” said Pat. The family is planning a relaxing Mother’s Day celebration. “I’m looking forward to spending the day with my children and grandchildren on the Inlet which is always a pleasure for me.”

Shantelle & Buffy Patterson, breathe ~ pieces of the soul

Shantelle & Buffy Patterson, breathe ~ pieces of the soul

Shantelle & Buffy Patterson

breathe ~ pieces of the soul
9674 Ocean Hwy.
Pawleys Island, SC
Main: 843-314-3320

Buffy Patterson and her daughter, Shantelle, have been working together off and on through the years in many businesses and projects. Shantelle became heavily involved with breathe after she graduated college.

“I started an artist co-op and when Shantelle received her design degree, we decided we would go into business together. We are currently building a wholesale design line, and she also helps me with my second business, Trading Spaces Realty, while taking a lead role in breathe. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so we make a good team.” 

When asked about working together, Buffy said their differing talents and styles made working together enjoyable. “Our style differences are a strength, but sometimes they are a weakness, too! My style is loose and whimsical and Shantelle’s is more refined and structured. This can cause differences in opinion, but it always seems to work out.” When not working, Buffy and Shantelle love to laugh, eat, paint and joke with each other. “We have a lot of fun when we can both relax and not worry about work.”

“This will be a somber Mother’s Day, as my mother recently passed away,” Buffy began. “Hopefully our family can spend the evening at home together and enjoy each other’s company.”

Sandy Sheely & Sharon Davis, Shades and Draperies

Sandy Sheely & Sharon Davis, Shades and Draperies

Sandy Sheely & Sharon Davis

Shades and Draperies
4905 US 17 Bypass
Murrells Inlet, SC
Main: 843-651-8177

Sandy Sheely and Sharon Davis, owners of Shades and Draperies, have worked together for almost 33 years. “I can’t believe it, it really seems like yesterday,” said Sandy. “Sandy would jump in and help when she was home for breaks from college—she was always very efficient and loved the details,” said Sharon. “I came to love the artistic side of what we do,” Sandy began. “When the business grew too big for one person, it seemed only natural to make the leap. It was the best decision I’ve ever made!”

“Some days it is almost like we’re the same person,” laughed Sharon. “Working together is a joy.” Sandy agrees. “Our customers get a kick out of our being a mother/daughter team. They’ve dubbed us the ‘Shady Ladies.’” Sandy went on to say that working with family makes working out any challenges much easier because they know each other so well.

Outside of work, the two women are very close. “Some of my best times are spent in my mother’s garden. I love stopping by her house for gardening advice,” said Sandy. Both women are looking forward to Mother’s Day. “Our celebration will begin with church and then an afternoon gathering with the whole family to play, laugh and love!”

Jean Wilson & Donna Roy, Aloe Pro Skin Care

Jean Wilson & Donna Roy, Aloe Pro Skin Care

Jean Wilson & Donna Roy

Aloe Pro Skin Care
Main: 843-457-2616

Jean Wilson started selling Aloe Vera Cosmetics from home in Easley, South Carolina, in the late 1970s when her daughter, Donna Roy, was in high school. Donna began modeling in print ads and also made television appearances with her Mom. Jean eventually opened a retail store in Easley, and while attending LSU Donna began sharing skin care products with her friends. She is now operating her business from home.

“I have always had huge admiration for Mom and her ongoing efforts to help women look and feel their best,” said Donna. Jean and Donna believe that they’re helping to empower women with confidence, thus giving them the opportunity to put their best “faces” forward and succeed in whatever they choose to do!

The distance between Easley and Myrtle Beach has created unique challenges, but this mother/daughter team talk and email almost every day and try to see each other every few months. “When we’re not working and have time together, Mom and I like watching ‘girlie’ movies (and crying together!)… dining out… having pedicures… sitting on the beach…walking… and always chatting,” Donna laughed. On Mother’s Day this year, Jean and Donna hope to be together but because they will have seen each other a few weeks before—they’re thinking of meeting “half way” to have lunch!

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