Rebecca Says… Read This Book by Gillian Flynn

By Rebecca Johnson

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Gone Girl
by Gillian Flynn

The morning of their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick and Amy’s day starts unusually bright. Amy is cooking breakfast, and Nick enjoys the meal before he leaves for work.

Then Amy disappears.

With no signs of a struggle, the entire tiny town of Carthage, Missouri, wonders if Golden Boy Nick is the one responsible. Amy’s doting parents call in every major crime unit to try to track down their daughter, and soon it is a national news story. Everyone is watching for the next move. When the investigation starts to uncover Nick’s lies, the young family’s money and trust issues, and Amy’s journals that do not reflect a happy marriage, all eyes are on Nick to confess to the murder of his wife. And Nick is not doing himself any favors by being evasive and blasé, avoiding the authorities and disappearing for hours at a time.

I was captivated from the very beginning, and I am not sure whether it is more because of Nick and Amy’s slightly off personalities, or the fact that I simply could not figure out how the story would end. I could not entirely choose sides, but the sympathy I had for these characters was canceled out by the bizarre choices they made. This is the best psychological thriller I have read in a long while.

New York Times bestseller Gillian Flynn has a knack for razor-sharp narrative and thrilling psychological insight. The regular challenges of marriage take a dark and choking turn, with alternating accounts from Nick and Amy, until you are not sure what is true and what is not. With each page uncovering more secrets, lies and details, Flynn keeps the reader wondering who the real victim is in this marriage, Nick or Amy.

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