Women and Men Who Mean Business (July 2013)

Jim Varcadipane & Sug McMaster, Atlantic Discount Spirits and Boot Legger Liquors

Jim Varcadipane & Sug McMaster, Atlantic Discount Spirits and Boot Legger Liquors

Jim Varcadipane & Sug McMaster

Atlantic Discount Spirits
2901 Hwy. 17 S.
Garden City, SC
Main: 843-357-6232
Boot Legger Liquors
1300 Hwy. 544
Conway, SC
Main: 843-347-7479

Busy business owners, Jim Varcadipane and Sug McMaster, have very little down time during the tourist season. When asked what they do to get away from it all, Jim was quick to answer, “We love boating, and most Sundays we will hit the river and head to Georgetown!” This couple recently took their dream vacation to Jamaica. “Lying on the beach in Jamaica is now our favorite travel memory because it was our first trip together,” said Sug with a smile. “It’s great to work with someone you love,” began Jim. “We’re business and life partners—Sug is my best friend.” When asked how they feel about flying, both were quick to say that they are not nervous in the air. “We love to travel, so flying is a must!”

We live in such a beautiful area and welcome thousands of visitors each year. I asked Sug and Jim if they get a chance to enjoy some of what vacationers come to see and experience. “We wake up at 5 am every day and enjoy the sunrise at our Garden City home, hang out on the beach and watch the ocean waves from our front porch. We also love taking our dogs on the boat,” said Jim. “Sug and I are a great combination. She is a sharp businesswoman, and our customers absolutely love her.”

Atlantic Discount Spirits in Garden City and Boot Legger Liquors in Conway are selling all the newest beers, wines and liquors that most other states don’t allow. “Boot Legger Liquors was my first business after I retired to the area and realized I was bored. I soon doubled the business, and then decided to open Atlantic Discount Spirits. I have wonderful customers—both visitors and locals. We’ll be having tastings all summer long—please stop by and try something new!”

Bryan Eckardt, LifeWay® Christian Stores

Bryan Eckardt, LifeWay® Christian Stores

Bryan Eckardt

LifeWay® Christian Stores
348 Seaboard St.
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-839-9953

Bryan Eckardt, manager of LifeWay Christian Stores is a busy retail professional with little down time, especially during the busy summer season. I asked him what he does to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and he said, “I’m a big music person and actually have a band. When I want to relax, I write music and go to the studio and record when there’s time.” When asked what his dream vacation would be, Bryan laughed, saying, “I like to go strange places—really anywhere I haven’t been before. One of my dreams is to go to Russia.”

Long distance travel usually involves flying, and Bryan enjoys air travel. “I do love to fly, but I hate take off! I feel like anything bad will happen then.” While he has lots of fond travel memories, Bryan’s

favorite was a trip to Disney World during his senior year of high school. “I was allowed to take a friend and it was fun to have someone around besides my family. It was one of my favorite vacations.” Bryan takes time to enjoy the occasional “staycation” in our beautiful area as well. “I love to sit on the beach and clear my head. I am a writer and always bring my tablet and write stories and song lyrics.”

LifeWay Christian Stores has a lot to offer customers this summer. “We have a ton of books and DVDs, plus our bargain books that are five dollars or less. Summer means great sales! Our store has such wonderful customers—our repeat customers have become like family. We have visitors who come here every year and say they have nothing like this at home. This is a great place to hang out and interact in a family atmosphere.”

Gina Shorthouse, Carmen! Carmen! Salon e’Spa at Belk

Gina Shorthouse, Carmen! Carmen! Salon e’Spa at Belk

Gina Shorthouse

Carmen! Carmen! Salon e’Spa at Belk
Coastal Grand Mall
Myrtle Beach, SC
Main: 843-839-3193

Gina Shorthouse, manager of Carmen! Carmen! Salon e’Spa, is a busy working mom, but when time permits, she loves to get away to the beach for a walk with her husband, one-year old son and their two bulldogs. When asked about her dream vacation, Gina was quick to answer. “I would love to go back to Europe with my family and tour for a month. I spent a semester in Florence, Italy, in college, and we traveled every weekend. It was a wonderful experience.” This seasoned traveler loves to fly, too. “I get my best naps on planes, although that has changed since my son was born!”

Travel memories are some of the best, and I asked Gina about hers. “My favorite travel memory is the vacation we just took to Disney World. Our son won’t remember it, but we will never forget his excitement when he recognized the characters. His face just lit up—it was awesome!” Thousands of people travel to our area, but many locals never get to enjoy it—not so with Gina. “When we have family in town, we stay in one of the resorts and enjoy being a tourist. Myrtle Beach does so many things right, and it’s nice to be able to enjoy that.”

“We are an innovative salon and spa with great customer service and a talented staff. One of the nice things about Carmen! Carmen! Salon e’Spa is we are believers in continuing education. At least once a month all staff is in training, and we stay up to date on all the latest trends. Our focus is on our clients—they are here to be pampered and have that hour or two to relax. You may choose to be immersed in a serene atmosphere or spend your time chatting with your stylist or even take a nap! Our staff is educated and talented beyond most in our area, and we pair that with our fabulous Aveda product line. We can’t wait to see you!”

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