Cover Artist: Molly Poole

Pup and Paperback

Cover Artist: Molly Poole

Molly Poole’s work reflects her love for all animals, and she is passionate about depicting the loyalty, fun and friendship that our pets provide. Lucy, her late Yellow Labrador Retriever, provided endless inspiration over the years and is often the subject of her work. Lucy’s expressions, the way her coat changed color in different light; Molly wanted to capture it all. Molly draws inspiration from other dogs as well, whether they are working, playing or posing. Her focus is not restricted to canines, and recently her work has broadened to painting moments from her everyday life that she simply wishes to remember; a visit to a friend’s farm, cows in a neighboring pasture, a scene from a leisurely paddle on the lake.

Molly lives in New Boston, New Hampshire, with her husband Jim and her two dogs, a feisty Cairn Terrier, Cricket and a new addition, Hopper, a carefree yellow lab pup. This artist is committed to sharing her artwork for animal welfare causes and has been a regular contributor to the fundraising efforts of animal welfare groups including Labrador Life Line and Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue.

Her work has won awards both locally and nationally and attracts collectors from all across the country. She studied at Rhode Island School of Design and is a proud member of the New Hampshire Art Association, Vermont Watercolor Society and Canine Art Guild.

To contact Molly or see more of her work, visit

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