Nicole Says… Read This Book by Rosanna Chiofalo

By Nicole McManus

Bella Fortuna by Rosanna Chiofalo
Bella Fortuna
by Rosanna Chiofalo

Valentina DeLuca, her two sisters and their Mom, own and run the wedding dress boutique, Sposa Rosa. Everyday these four women help brides find their perfect dress, but now it is Valentina’s turn. She has spent several months creating her unique wedding gown, and she can’t wait to shock everyone with the style. Unfortunately though, she might not get the chance. After a string of misfortunes and bad luck signs that her mother feels are a curse, Valentina decides to leave everything behind and go to Venice for a few weeks. It is there amongst the majestic beauty, the charming atmosphere and the delectable food, that Valentina slowly re-discovers herself.

This debut novel by Rosanna Chiofalo is exquisite. Readers will be caught up in all of the details of the sights and food of Venice. Though the book is written in English and takes place mostly in New York, there are several Italian phrases throughout, some easy to understand, others may need to be looked up. Readers will laugh, they will cry, and they will be wishing to board the next plane to Italy, just to eat the food. Thankfully there are recipes in the back of the book. This must-read book is a beautiful tale of how staying true to yourself will allow you to accept both love and luck when they appear right in front of you.

I have always dreamed of visiting Italy, but after reading this book that dream has turned into a very strong desire. Even when the setting is in New York, the closeness of this Italian-American family is beautiful, and the gorgeous dresses and the delightful sweets take on a life of their own. I am in awe of this stunning novel, and I am anxious to read Rosanna Chiofalo’s future books.

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