Living the Good Life: Sarah Pope

By Leslie Moore

Living the Good Life: Sarah Pope

Sarah Pope, Director of SOS Healthcare, met me at Making Change Consignment, one of the many programs run by this grass roots non-profit that provides programs and services to those in need. Making Change Consignment, located in Myrtle Beach at 1106 North Kings Highway, provides not only great bargains for shoppers, but a place for young people with autism to acquire a variety of skills needed for a successful life. The day I visited, laughter and lively conversation came from a group of young men who were creating beautiful, uniquely decorated lights from bottles to be sold in the store.

Sarah, tell us a little about your life and family.

My husband Greg and I live with my two sons, Liem, 12, and Ben, 19, in the Forestbrook area. We are planning to move to Murrells Inlet soon where I have a lot on Collins Creek. Greg and I are recently married – only a year now! Both of my sons have autism. Ben is my biological son, and I adopted Liem when he was 5 years old. Both are doing very well. I’ve also been a foster parent to ten children over the last fifteen years – needless to say, I’m used to many different experiences!

I’m originally from London, England, and came to America when I was 20 years old to visit an aunt in Texas. I liked it so much that I never left. I think we (Europeans) travel more – I’ve travelled all over the world.

How long have you worked with special needs children?

My entire career – I worked in group homes for years and was a parent advocate in the Horry County Schools. I was approached by the founder of SOS Healthcare, Dr. Bill Davis, to join the Board of Directors. I did, and became more involved, eventually taking over as director three years ago.

Please tell us a little about Making Change Consignment.

Currently, about one in 50 children is born with autism. As these children graduate from high school, they need to either go on to college or to work, but this is difficult for many. For example, one of the young men here today is very bright and should be going to college, but his acute social anxiety makes it impossible for him to be around new people and experiences. We received a grant from the Developmental Disabilities Council of South Carolina that provides funding for the programs we offer through the store. Here, young people learn skills needed to run the store, which would translate to any retail business, as well as learning how to interact with all types of people. We also have a laundry program in the back – we don’t sell clothes, but we do wash them for other programs that provide services for the homeless.

How can our readers help and/or get involved?

Come and shop – we have some wonderful things at good prices. We always need items for the store as well. Some people consign their things and others donate outright. If you are good at a craft and would like to spend an afternoon teaching it to our students, please call us! We have different groups every day and are always looking for new crafting ideas.

On December 10th, we will have our annual Substitute for Santa event where 60 to 70 kids will be treated to a pizza party and given a $100 Walmart gift card to spend on Christmas goodies. We still need volunteers and donations.

Why would you say you live “The Good Life?”

I have a wonderful husband, two great kids, a supportive mum, and I get to do what I love every day. There is nothing in my life that’s not great. I believe that when you do good things, good things come back to you.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

In the past, we’ve spent the holidays with my mum and dad, but we lost my dad last year, so this Christmas, we’re all going to Charleston. Being British, we’ll wear silly hats at dinner and have Christmas crackers!

Do you have New Year’s Eve plans?

I love to sleep, so I probably won’t make it up for the New Year. We stay at home with the children and have a party of our own. We play music and dance – but probably not until midnight.

Making Change Consignment is located in Myrtle Beach at 1106 N. Kings Highway. They are open 10 am-6 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am-7 pm on Saturday. For more information, call 843-945-4006.

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