Nicole Says… Read This Book by Elizabeth Rooks

By Nicole McManus

Where Does Santa go on Vacation after Christmas? by Elizabeth Rooks
Where Does Santa go on Vacation after Christmas?
by Elizabeth Rooks

It is the day after Christmas, and Tyler is curious about where Santa goes now that he has finished his work. Tyler goes to each of his family members and asks them where they think Santa goes on vacation and each provides a different location. With every new location there is a lesson that teaches how to say hello in that county’s native tongue. There is even a pronunciation key in the back of the book.

Children and adults everywhere will love this latest book by Elizabeth Rooks. Where Does Santa go on Vacation after Christmas? is the first in a Santa-related trilogy focusing on teaching children about various cultures around the world. The author has written an excellent children’s book that will pique children’s interest in languages, and the pronunciation key will help adults teach children the correct way to pronounce each “hello.” This is an exciting start to a very promising series. Plus, the bright illustrations will bring smiles to the faces of children at every age. I highly recommend this book for every adult with a child in her life.

I adore children’s books that not only entertain but also teach. Elizabeth Rooks has done this perfectly with this book. Foreign languages are easily learned when they are incorporated into a child’s language early in life. This is a great book to encourage a child to learn to read, but also to learn about other languages and cultures. Plus the pictures of Santa dressed in a toga or a reindeer surfing will delight any child’s imagination. I can’t wait to see what Santa does next!

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