Nicole Says… Read This Book by Mary Ellen Taylor

By Nicole McManus

The Union Street Bakery by Mary Ellen Taylor
The Union Street Bakery
by Mary Ellen Taylor

Daisy McCrae was abandoned at Union Street Bakery when she was just three years old. Thankfully the owners of the bakery took her in and made her a member of their family, but she still doesn’t feel like she belongs. After losing her job, Daisy is again living at the family’s bakery, and is forced to face her painful past while helping save the business from bankruptcy. Things get even more complicated when an old customer passes away and leaves her a journal that once belonged to a slave. Daisy has to rely on the help of her sisters in order to solve the mysteries of this ancient diary and continue the legacy of the Union Street Bakery.

Mary Ellen Taylor weaves a graceful and poignant “tale within a tale” in this book. She manages to balance several characters’ lives from the 1800s to present day. Chocked full of metaphors, readers will laugh and cry as they experience life in the McCrae bakery. As a bonus, a few of the characters’ famous recipes are included at the end of the book.

I don’t recommend reading this book while you are hungry. If you do, you will be like me and you will find yourself in a very intriguing dilemma: to bake or to finish reading. I loved the food in this book, but I loved the family dynamics even more. This is a wonderful book about a young woman confronting her inner fears in order to accept her present day self.

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