Past, Present and Future with Margaret Murphy

By Leslie Moore

Past, Present and Future with Margaret Murphy

Where do you live? How long?

Originally from Alabama, my husband, Chuck, and I moved to Columbia when he was called as a Cannon Theologian at Trinity Cathedral. We moved to Pawleys Island 31 years ago when he was called to serve a church here. We now live in the Reserve, and Chuck has started a new church, The Abbey at Pawleys Island.

Tell us about your family

I have three daughters and five grandchildren. All of my children live in the area, and two of my daughters, Anne Nolen Howard and Mary Hunter Kramer, are in business with me. My other daughter, Allison Murphy is an attorney.

Do you consider yourself intuitive? Do you rely on your intuition?

I believe I would describe myself as more discerning than intuitive. I rely on my discernment to help me decide where to go with our business and in my life.

When tragedy struck your life a few years ago, how did you weather the storm?

Three years after opening my store, I ran into Linda Poole Hilton at the grocery store, and she told me she wanted to drop by the shop. I knew Linda from our church. After talking for three hours, Linda decided she wanted to be a part of As for Me and My House. It was an opportunity for her to be involved in a business with a significant purpose. We became great friends as we worked together. Together we built the building we’re in now and planned for the future. I knew she was having trouble with her son; he was very troubled. When she didn’t come to work one morning, I was very worried. Her step son called me first, looking for his dad who had not shown up for a scheduled outing. Then the police called, and I discovered she and her husband had been murdered. I immediately suspected her son. He had brutally murdered Linda and her husband, Henry. They had only been married a year. It was devastating to me and the entire community.

Linda was the owner of the building, and she left it to me and my husband. I know she wanted us to continue. I believe she would be so happy to come in the store today and see what it has become. People come in here and find peace. That’s what we try to communicate. I’ve had people moved to tears just from walking through the store.

Did continuing to grow your business require a leap of faith?

It never crossed my mind not to persevere as the vision was a God given one. This is something I’ve always wanted. Before I opened the store, I would buy pillowcases and have them embroidered with scripture for gifts. People loved them! You can have the word of God in your home, and it can be beautiful. We are not the typical Christian gift shop – we fill homes with God’s truth.

Tell us about what is new and exciting at As For Me and My House.

My two daughters joined me a month ago, and that has been really exciting. We expanded the store when the business beside us left, and have filled the addition with affordable and attractive accessories. We did it all in two weeks! The new addition is called Grace Full. I am so excited to have my daughters here with me. They go to market and help with every aspect of the business. Our customers have been very supportive.

Many people don’t realize that I design all of the embroidery you see in the store, and all of it is done in house. I look for beautiful things that I can make more meaningful with the addition of scripture. We change the design and merchandise each season to keep it fresh. The three of us have a wonderful time coming up with new ideas!

People ask how we all get along, and I tell them we have always spent a lot of time together, so this is a natural extension of our relationship. I give my children the benefit of the doubt and always ask them what they think. Plus, the three of us have a strong work ethic and work well together. We also have dedicated employees who are also hard working and believe in what we do.

How do you relax?

I love spending time with my grandchildren; they call me Maggie. I spend “memory-making” time with them as much as I can – always after church on Sunday. My two little Maltese dogs give me a lot of pleasure as well.

I also take great joy in designing new things for the store. It really is a labor of love. We invite everyone to stop by and look around. There is something here for everyone!

As for Me and My House is located at 11382 Ocean Hwy. in Pawleys Island. Call 843-235-6525, visit or find them on Facebook.

About this writer

  • Leslie Moore Leslie Moore is the editor for Strand Media Group. A 25 year resident of Pawleys Island, she is blessed with a life filled with the love of family and friends and satisfying work to do every day.

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