Cover Artist: Victoria Platt Ellis


Cover Artist: Victoria Platt Ellis

Ever since Victoria Platt Ellis was a little girl, drawing with a stick in the dirt at the foot of her rural front porch steps, she has been fascinated with fitting shapes together to make designs. Every large or small element within a painting is a part of the puzzle that comes together to form the design of the artwork. While she has studied with many prominent artists, Ellis is primarily self taught and has developed her own distinctive style. Like all artists, she evolves through various stages in her artwork – in some periods interested in light, some in color, some in perspective. Since many of Ellis’s paintings feature buildings in her nearby historic city of Charleston, South Carolina, viewers often think that she is particularly interested in depicting architecture. Although she finds these structures to be beautiful, she only extracts their forms to create art. Today, the artist says her inspiration for painting is almost exactly the same as the beginning; it just takes a different path. When she painted Spring, she just wanted to make a pretty picture with good design and the proper use of color. Today, painting is harder for Ellis because she thinks about what she is trying to say, but wants to say it without being obvious. A painting has been in her head for several years about money, and she wants to ask how money affects our lives, but how does one paint “money” without being obvious about it?

To contact Victoria Platt Ellis or to see more of her work, visit her gallery, Ellis-Nicholson Gallery, at 1.5 Broad Street in Charleston, call 843-722-5353 or find her online at

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