Cover Artist: Heatherlee Chan

Kindred Spirit

Cover Artist: Heatherlee Chan

Heatherlee Chan paints what brings her joy. She delights in creating images of simple pleasures and things that warm her heart. She is inspired by color, femininity, old books and nature.

Her childhood was spent with her nose in a book adoring heroines with spirit. Because of that first love, she loves to paint pictures that tell a story. While she loves to paint with all mediums, watercolor is her favorite because it complements the lifestyle of a mom with two little ones on the go. (Note: a 6 and 3 year old can get into a bit of mischief when left unattended. For example the other day they snuck the box of Band-Aids into Clara’s room and bandaged up all the dolls. Well, that is just cute. The time she made it “snow” with baby powder is a better example.)

It took a long time for her to realize that painting what makes her happy can make others happy too. She loves to paint a world where romance, tenderness, bliss and gratitude shine though.

Notable moments of gratitude for this month: a magical plethora of butterflies hatching in her neighborhood, her 6 year old son getting his cast removed from his leg, and being part of this wonderful magazine that embraces and celebrates women.

To see more of her artwork visit:

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