The List

The List

I kissed so many frogs before I met my prince that I just wasn’t sure I was capable of making the right decision. And so, I prayed about it.

Chuck and I met at WPDE-TV 15 in 1983. He was a commercial producer right out of school, and I was the talk show host and producer with a live-in boyfriend, one of those on and off relationships going nowhere. While at work, I spent a lot of time with Chuck because I was featured in many of the commercials he produced, and he occasionally ran camera for my show. He flirted cautiously and was absolutely endearing.

The days went on, and I finally broke up permanently with “Mr. Wrong” because I realized what I had wanted my whole life was working right beside me. However, I decided not to tell anyone, not even Chuck, as I was still scared of making another mistake. I thought it was safer to move this along at my own pace, not to mention there was another fella at the station who was coming on to me, and I was not interested in the least.

One night, two months later, a bunch of us from the station went to a “Christmas in July” party at the local Holiday Inn. Chuck asked why “Mr. Wrong” was not there with me, and I told him we broke up. He asked why I hadn’t told him sooner and admitted to waiting in the wings for me. I explained that I was just taking it easy before getting involved again with anyone. “Does that include me?” he asked, with the cutest little grin. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me up to dance and dance and dance. It went on until midnight, and then he offered to follow me home in his car to make sure I got there safely. How sweet!

When we arrived at my house, he asked me if he could come in for a cup of coffee, and I told him it was too late as we both had to work the next day but he promised not to stay long. At three in the morning he left, at my urging. All we did was talk, not even a kiss.

A perfect gentleman who was so different than anyone I had ever dated.

He told me he was going home to Sumter for the weekend for his grandmother’s birthday and to go to church with his parents for Homecoming Sunday. But, he would love to cook steaks for me when he returned. That was our first official date, even though we knew each other and had worked side by side for five months. From that night on, I knew he was special, and I prayed again before I went to bed, “God, please take charge.” Then I remembered THE LIST!

Many years before, a dear friend and guidance counselor at Francis Marion University, where I attended college, told me to write down what I wanted in a relationship. He said to concentrate on the top three qualities you want in a mate and don’t deviate from it. Why waste your time, he said, with anything short of spectacular when you deserve the best! I wondered how I had forgotten about that list until now, eleven years later. It must have been that prayer I said.

Buried in my little jewelry box with the twirling ballet dancer from my childhood, a home for a couple of sacred things, I found the list, held it close to my heart and prayed, “God, take my hand and guide me. I think I have found the love of my life.”

Chuck and I got engaged ten months later and married on September 29, 1984. He was everything on that list and more. I wanted a man who loved God as much as I did. I wanted a man who adored his family as much as I adored mine. I wanted a man who would treasure me and nurture my talents rather than feel threatened by them.

Yes, I won the prize. As the song “New York, New York” says, “A number one, top of the heap, king of the hill, top of the list.”

After thirty years of marriage, the only thing I can find wrong with him is that he doesn’t eat cheese! Perhaps that should have been on my list! Then again, nobody’s perfect!

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One Response to “The List”

  1. Linda O'Connell says:

    What a wonderful story filled with so much love. Isn’t it wonderful when you do meet Mr. Right?

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