Nicole Says… Read This Book by Patti Callahan Henry

By Nicole McManus

And Then I Found You by Patti Callahan Henry
TAnd Then I Found You
by Patti Callahan Henry

This fictional story is based on the real-life events that occurred within the author’s family. Jack Adams and Katie Vaughan grew up together and were childhood sweethearts. Katie even vowed on the first day of spring, that magical day when all promises come true, to never love another as much as she loved Jack. However, life happened, and Katie is now Kate who is trying to be in love with her boyfriend, Rowan. But, much has occurred in the last 13 years, and Kate knows she can’t fix things until she first talks to Jack. However the true healing process starts when her thirteen year old daughter, whom she gave up for adoption, finds her on Facebook. This is the story of how Katie, Jack and Emily find one another and find themselves along the way.

Patti Callahan Henry uses her real-life experiences and emotions as inspiration for this story. With each chapter rotating between the present and the past, readers will feel like they are walking down memory lane with Kate. Then, when the story switches to Emily’s point-of-view, it brings an entirely new round of emotions. The author’s writing will rip your heart open causing it to bleed with the characters’ pain, and then stitch it whole again with the sweetest thread made from undying love and conquering the fear of the unknown. This book is packed full of emotions and lessons to be learned, and I highly recommend it to fans of Women’s Literature.

I first read this book last year and the story has remained by my side from the moment I finished the last few sentences. Henry’s writing is exquisite and leaves readers with the important feeling of hope. I have added her to my list of must-read authors, thanks to this book. The author tells her family’s true story in a companion, non-fiction book called, Friend Request, but it is not necessary to read it before And Then I Found You.

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