Nicole Says… Read This Book by Erin Spatz

By Nicole McManus

Who Left Me in Charge? by Erin Spatz
Who Left Me in Charge?
by Erin Spatz

This past month, I had the pleasure of reading this new release by local author, and new Sasee writer, Erin Spatz. Erin mixes reality and humor as she shares her journey through Postpartum Panic Disorder. This book is a collection of her journal entries dealing with everyday topics that most moms face.

Throughout her pregnancy and childbirth, Erin thought that life would be magical once she held her newborn baby. Unfortunately, she developed Postpartum Panic Disorder that worsened after each of her four children was born. Throughout her struggles, she found peace through writing and kept a journal of her chaotic days. Her honest and playful writing style makes it easy for all women to relate to her. Since the chapters are organized by topics, they are short and easy to read. Perfect for busy moms looking to find something they can connect to when they don’t have a lot of time to devote to reading.

I may not be a mom as yet, unless you count my two Italian Greyhounds as kids, but I completely appreciated Erin’s honesty and wit. Over the past three years, I was a full-time, twenty-four seven caregiver to my grandfather. I quickly learned that life is easier to handle if you make the effort to find the positive, light-hearted aspects in each situation. As I was reading this memoir, I found myself chuckling and nodding in agreement with some of the subjects. I even said out loud, “Been there, done that” while reading the “Laundry” chapter! This was a refreshing read covering all sides of motherhood from the good, the bad and everything in between. Erin’s book is currently only available digitally and can be found on Amazon or on her website,

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