Cover Artist: Victoria DeAngelis Alger

Dancer in Blue

Cover Artist: Victoria DeAngelis Alger

Becoming a watercolor artist had always been an interest of Victoria Alger’s, but finding the opportunity to pursue it never seemed to materialize, until recently in her home of 18 years, the beautiful, coastal setting of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Over the years, she’s had a flair for the physical design world, having been educated as a landscape architect at Michigan State University back in the 1970s. She pursued a fulfilling design and consulting career spanning over three decades that was joyfully mixed in-between with marriage, raising two children and several moves throughout the Midwest and Southeast. Two years ago she traded-in her large paint brushes used on numerous home decorating and renovation projects for the finer tools of trade of watercolor painting.

Victoria calls this new direction her passion now. She is primarily self-taught yet actively embraces the inspirational collaboration of other artists and workshop participation. She believes the secret ingredient for her continued growth is not so much the talent, but rather the passion she has for her journey through the world of watercolor painting.

Dancer in Blue has a special significance for Victoria, as it depicts her great-niece in a moment of contemplation while waiting for her impending ballet recital.

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