Nicole Says… Read This Book by Richard Paul Evans

By Nicole McManus

The Walk by Richard Paul Evans
The Walk
by Richard Paul Evans

Alan Christoffersen had it all, a beautiful home, a fabulous career and his soul mate as his wife. His life couldn’t have been better, but sadly it slowly disappeared after that fateful day when his wife fell off her horse. When his life is virtually destroyed, Alan decides to end it all, but he is reminded of the promise he made to his wife. Since he has nothing left, he decides to go for a walk, but not just any kind of walk; one that will get him as far away as possible. With just a few supplies and his hiking boots, he sets off from the outskirts of Seattle, Washington, towards Key West, Florida, in hopes of finding life again.

From the very first page, Evans delivers a powerful and poetic tale. Through first person narrative, the author proves that true human character is revealed during critical times. The quotes from Alan’s diary that start each chapter give a preview as to what is to come. Readers will be able to relate to Alan’s desire to walk away from everything, and thanks to the use of descriptive words, they will feel as though they are walking and eating right next to him. Despite the fact that the book starts with Alan in Key West, he is still in the state of Washington throughout this whole novel. The Walk is a dramatic start to a promising series that will compel readers to follow Alan’s journey.

We have all experienced loss at one point or another in our lives, but hopefully our experiences were not as devastating as what the main character had to go through. During my recent loss, I am grateful to say that I had support from friends and family, however I understood the appeal of just walking away from everything that held memories of the old life in order to begin a new one. While on his journey, Alan learns the healing powers of nature and the value of listening to one’s own body, two lessons that we all need to heed.

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