Nicole Says… Read This Book by John Green

By Nicole McManus

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green

Hazel has terminal cancer that has forced her out of school. Despite her desire to stay inside reading, sleeping and watching television, her mom forces her to get out and go to a support group each week. It is there she meets Augustus Waters, a boy who has been cancer-free for close to a year. He has a different outlook on life, and he and his unlit cigarette plan on making Hazel Grace’s life broader and brighter.

Written in a first-person narrative, John Green has created a poetic and powerful novel. This book has a dark, realistic beginning, but quickly it sweeps the characters and readers up into a majestic fantasy. The author focuses on how cancer affects the patient, but also how it affects everyone else. Knowing the end result means grief is a daily experience for all, but the choice is to continue living life for however long it exists. Brimming with

references to another heart-wrenching, fictional tale, Green manages to tell an additional fictionalized story within this one, helping foreshadow the growth of his main characters. Readers will cry and laugh as they fall in love with Hazel Grace, Augustus and Isaac.

This is a beautiful story that can be enjoyed by grandmothers, mothers and daughters. Hazel’s passion for her favorite book mirrors my passion for reading! I loved the opening quote so much that I researched the ‘’book’’ that it was from, only to be disappointed by the fact that it didn’t exist. This is a fast read that follows the flow of a teenager’s thoughts, as Hazel tells readers about her life. Reading this book reminded me to be grateful for each moment life offers. Though we may not have a direct experience with terminal illnesses, we can all relate to this journey of acceptance and peace.

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