Nicole Says… Read This Book by Megan Rix

By Nicole McManus

The Puppy that Came for Christmas, by Megan Rix
The Puppy that Came for Christmas
by Megan Rix

Megan and Ian Rix have desperately been trying to have a baby to finally complete their family. Throughout the numerous failed attempts, the couple has kept their struggles quiet. Along the way, they begin volunteering with a group called Helper Dogs that trains puppies to assist humans with disabilities. Megan and Ian get to experience all the joy and heartache of fostering two little puppies over the course of a year, until they finally get their forever dog.

The Puppy that Came for Christmas is a beautifully written memoir. Megan’s emotions shine through her words as she struggles to conceive. She keeps her story honest by showing the good times as well as the bad, such as medication failures or experiencing jealousy over her brother’s surprise announcement. However, puppy lovers around the world can relate to all the pleasures and sorrows that come with Emma, Freddy and eventually Traffy. With their first dog, Megan tells readers about each of Emma’s triumphs and the new world of possibilities that opens from being a doggie parent. Then Freddy brings a bit of silliness to help distract from the pain of Emma’s graduation. Readers will laugh, cry and “ooh” and “ahh” throughout this inspirational book.

I enjoyed reading this book. I have always been a dog lover and was fascinated by the insider’s look into fostering and training Helper Dogs. It is a given that lot of work and love goes into preparing these dogs for their future owner, but this book opened my eyes to all the paperwork and fun exercises required from the beginning. Rix’s book is an all around delightful read that reminds us to consider charitable options during the holiday season.

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