Lighten the Scales Time: Regina Young

By Leslie Moore

Lighten the Scales Time: Regina Young

Regina Young, Pounds Away of Myrtle Beach

Tell us a little about yourself.

My husband, Bob, and I are originally from West Virginia where we’ve operated Pounds Away of West Virginia, which is a physician supervised weight loss program, for the past twelve years. Several years ago we were on our way to Florida for a much needed vacation and decided to stop here and visit Bob’s brother. Well, we loved it so much we ended up staying for the entire time! On the way home, we talked about buying a second home here and soon we had a house in Surfside Beach. We travel back and forth every couple of weeks between our two homes and businesses. I am now officially a resident of South Carolina!

Bob and I are animal lovers – at one time we had twelve rescued dogs! Now we only have five. [laughing] I also have a wonderful horse named Socks, a Tennessee Walker, and I am crazy about her. We moved her here so she could enjoy the milder winters and get outdoors more. I go see her every day. We also have two turtles that are 43 years old.

I worked for a doctor in West Virginia who owned a weight loss program like ours, and he had offices in West Virginia, Indiana and Kentucky. He eventually sold his business to his son, and we bought it from him. That was twelve years ago. We opened Pounds Away of Myrtle Beach three years ago.

What is your favorite “me time” activity?

Probably riding Socks and walking my dogs. We live near the beach in Surfside, and I walk them each individually every day.

Favorite online activity?

I do like Facebook and use it to keep up with family and friends.

Tell us about Pounds Away of Myrtle Beach, a Physician Supervised Weight Loss Program.

We are a medically supervised program that uses medication to help suppress your appetite and lose weight. There are no membership fees, and patients are free to start and stop anytime they please. A new patient comes in and is assessed by a nurse and our physician and can start the medication the same day. The doctor explains how the medication works and makes sure you are healthy enough to take it. Patients come in once a month for an assessment with our physician and medication refills. If someone comes in and is assessed, but then decides they don’t want to start right away, there is no charge. We are very laid back and never want people to feel they have to do anything they don’t want to do. This is not a magic potion. It helps a lot, but weight loss also requires a lifestyle change.

I think it’s important for people, especially women, to realize that their perfect weight might not be what others think it should be. When you get to a place where you’re healthy and feel good, that’s enough. We also have a maintenance program to help patients keep the weight off once they’ve reached that goal weight.

Contact Regina and Bob at Pounds Away of Myrtle Beach, a physician-supervised weight loss program, at 843-215-7262 or find them online at Their office is located at 4691 Dick Pond Road, Unit C, Myrtle Beach.

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