Nicole Says… Read This Book by Ann Ipock

By Nicole McManus

Life is Short, So Read this Fast! by Ann Ipock
Life is Short, So Read this Fast!
by Ann Ipock

Life is Short, So Read this Fast! is the second in the three book series written by well known, local writer Ann Ipock. They are a collection of her newspaper articles and other writings. This particular title covers topics from fun women groups, bare necessities and family memories to hilarious stories of married life. Also included are chapters dedicated to food, shopping and growing pains that females experience.

Ann Ipock has written the ideal book for the busy woman. The short chapters are perfect for squeezing in reading during even the most hectic of schedules. Chocked full of southern flair and quick wit, readers will be kept on their toes as they are taken on a ride through life. Despite the fact that most chapters are humorous, the writer shows a deeper side by sharing her emotions and fears as well. Overall, this book is a fast, fun read and one that people will savor and cherish for a long time.

In this day and age we all seem to be constantly connected with little free time. Everyone is rushing here and there; scheduling this and that, while the dream of propping up one’s feet to unwind for the afternoon is being pushed even farther away. When I saw the title of this book, I hoped it would be perfect for people in search of some quality alone time. As I started to read the entertaining commentary on everyday life, I craved more! This book made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions, along with causing me to mentally check off items on the list to see if I qualify to be a fabulous FROU group member. Ann Ipock’s book is an uplifting read, and I highly recommend that every home has a copy available for all to enjoy!

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