Nurturing a Love of Music

By Leslie Moore

Nurturing a Love of Music

Kids are naturally drawn to music – whether they’re singing along to their favorite lullaby or bopping up and down to a song on the radio, a familiar melody can brighten up the grumpiest of faces. However, music can be much more than entertainment to children. Learning to read and play music can help children better understand mathematical concepts, learn self discipline, and boost self confidence. Not to mention it’s just plain fun! Here are a few ideas to inspire your little ones to become future maestros:

Nurturing a Love of Music

Have a Dance Party

Get up and move! Put on your child’s favorite song and dance with them. Encourage them to sway and clap in time with the music. Make up new moves to the chorus or certain melodies to get them really listening to how a song changes! 

Nurturing a Love of Music

Bring Out the Pots & Pans

You can turn craft time into music time and introduce your children to rhythm. Let them bang on pots and pans with wooden spoons, create bongo drums out of old coffee cans or pour rice in a plastic bottle and shake it up! 

Nurturing a Love of Music

Play Together

If you know how to play an instrument, play for your children. Let them clap or bang a tambourine along with the song. If you don’t know how to play, just sing! Showing your children you love music will inspire them to love it as well.

Nurturing a Love of Music

Go Live

Take your children to see live music. Many towns and communities offer free live music at various events throughout the year. Check out your local symphony’s upcoming season and make a special date with your little one. 

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