Sharing the Arts: Leslie Ayers

By Leslie Moore

Sharing the Arts: Leslie Ayers

Leslie Ayers, Cultural Council of Georgetown County

Tell us a little about yourself.

My husband Kevin and I are originally from Michigan. We came here for our second honeymoon and fell in love with the area – so much that while we were here, we bought a house outside of Georgetown! Then, we went home and told our three children we were moving 18 hours away!

All three children live with us. Ashley, 26, and her husband, Devin, have a five month old baby, Andrew is 24 and Adam is 22. Kevin is a pharmacist at Georgetown Hospital. When I first moved here I had my own business, Your Little Makeup Shop in Surfside, but four years ago I sold it.

What is your favorite “me time” activity?

I read all the time, and I love theatre. Kevin and I also enjoy going out to dinner with friends.

Favorite online activity?

Facebook and email are the only two things I do regularly. It’s fun to keep up with my friends who are spread across the United States.

How do you stay fit?

I walk on the beach and in the woods around our home. And, I have a home gym where I work out regularly.

Tell us about the Cultural Council and your new position.

I took over as Executive Director after Scott Jacobs moved – I was the board chair. Georgetown County is my adoptive home, and I am passionate about what we are doing – helping our children and adults experience the joy and beauty of the arts.

I grew up with art and some children here have never seen a live performance. In December, we had over 400 children at a dance performance we sponsored at Winyah Auditorium. Some had never seen live dance! The Cultural Council also has an exciting new outreach program. We have a van stocked with art supplies that will travel around to different communities in Georgetown County giving children art lessons. There is already a volunteer art teacher, photography teacher and wood-working teacher.

As a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, we raise money through grants, donations and fundraisers. Our next big fundraiser is next month, on February 17th. We’re having a Marti Gras celebration in Downtown Georgetown. The festivities begin with a parade at 5:15 pm, and will be followed by a Marti Gras party. Last year we had nearly 400 people and the event was in the Maritime Museum. This year, we’ll have a large tent and are expecting between 700-800 people. It’s going to be so much fun – we’ll have King cakes with babies, a King and Queen, beads…the whole nine yards.

To find out more about the Cultural Council of Georgetown County or for tickets to the Marti Gras Celebration, visit, or call 843-520-0744. The office is located on Front Street in Downtown Georgetown.

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