Presidents Day

By Leslie Moore

Presidents Day

Presidents’ Day can be more than a day off from school.  Every year on the third Monday in February, schools and businesses close to commemorate the accomplishments and lives of America’s Presidents. Generally, the day is focused on two of history’s most famous and respected Presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, as both of their birthdays fall within the month of February.  The following are a few fun ideas to get children interested and engaged in our country’s proud history!

Presidents Day

Craft Time

Bring out the pens, markers, construction paper and crayons to start this fun craft! Create your own Mini George and Mini Abe using toliet paper rolls. While creating your masterpieces, talk to your children about the important works of these revered Presidents. 

Presidents Day

Read a Book About Presidents’ Day

Take a trip to the library and ask your local librarian to point you in the right direction for books about America’s historical leaders. Sasee suggests Presidents’ Day, by Anne Rockwell for younger readers. 

Presidents Day

Snack Time

Help your child retrace Abraham Lincoln’s humble beginnings by building a edible log cabin! Using pretzels, graham crackers, and peanut butter for “glue” you can easily transform a history lesson into a delicious creation.

Presidents Day

Write to the President

Write a letter to the President! Your children can send their letters and drawings to:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
They may very well get a letter back!

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