Lasting Love: Luanne Pigford

By Leslie Moore

Lasting Love: Luanne Pigford

Luanne Pigford, The Pink Cabana

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in Wilmington, but grew up in Palm Beach, Florida, where my father was a tailor – probably where I inherited my love of clothes! My husband, Kirk, and I have been married for 28 years – our parents were friends, and I’ve known him since I was 8 years old. We started dating when I was 16. He’s the only one for me – we’ve been together so long and still love spending time together.

We have two sons – Bradley is 29 and Carter is 23. They run our RV/boat business in Wilmington with my husband, and we run our clothing stores in Myrtle Beach and Florence. Kirk and I have just settled into a new home in Myrtle Beach. It’s a wonderful place with so many nice people – we’ve made a lot of good friends. Kirk and I enjoy entertaining when we can – the boys love it when I cook, especially ribs and potato salad, their favorites.

What is your favorite wedding memory?

We were married in Wilmington and had a big church wedding. You know the superstition that says the groom isn’t supposed to see the bride before the ceremony? Well, I was walking around the church, dressed and ready, and Kirk and his groomsmen saw us through a big window in the sanctuary!

We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon to a couples-only resort. We’d only been there a few hours when I became deathly ill, and we had to go right back home. It wasn’t funny then, but we laugh about it now.

Who proposed? Tell us about it.

Proposals are such a big deal now, but it wasn’t that way when Kirk proposed. I had been out of town, and when I came home, Kirk told me to go in the bedroom and look in a drawer. When I opened the drawer, there was the ring!

My son, Carter, and his fiancée became engaged on our anniversary in October. When he proposed we all went out to dinner and it was a huge, planned event – and a lot of fun!

How did you come up with the idea for Pink Cabana?

I’ve always had a thing for clothes and love to shop. My husband says it’s cheaper for me to own a clothing store! I worked in construction and interior design for a while, but always wanted my own store. And, I’ve always loved Lily Pulitzer, so I decided to come to Myrtle Beach and open Pink Cabana. That was three years ago, and a year ago I opened another store in Florence.

I love being on the floor and working with my customers. We know our repeat customers and can help them pick out outfits and gifts. Our Myrtle Beach store has a little of everything – women’s and men’s clothing, gifts, shoes – lots of different brands. We will gift wrap anything, too!

Pink Cabana is located at 5900 North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach. Contact Luanne at 843-839-3571 or follow her on Instagram @pinkcabana.

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