Preserving the Past: Dr. Gary McKeel & J. Harold Cunningham

By Leslie Moore

Preserving the Past: Dr. Gary McKeel & J. Harold Cunningham

Dr. Gary McKeel & J. Harold Cunningham, Rosewood Manor House, Marion, South Carolina

Tell us a little about yourself.

Dr. Gary W. McKeel is a physician and has practiced in Greensboro, North Carolina, for 35 years. J. Harold Cunningham is a home furnishings designer and travels the world developing products for retailers across the country. Together, they enjoy collecting antiques and art, gardening and the continued restoration of Rosewood Manor House.

What is your favorite wedding memory?

Every wedding at Rosewood Manor House is a good memory. However the anticipation of our first bride descending the grand staircase and making her “story book wedding” come true will always be a memorable day.

How long were your parents married? What were their weddings like?

Both of our parents had lavish, traditional weddings with large wedding

parties, beautiful gowns and exuberant bouquets…It must be in our blood to carry on these beautiful traditions! My parents were married 58 years and John’s, 65 years.

Why did you decide to open Rosewood Manor House as a wedding destination? What makes it the perfect place to be married?

Our goal is to carry on the 30 year legacy of this magnificent property as the most elegant and prestigious wedding venue in the area, as well as a unique bed and breakfast. We are proud to offer to the community an upscale wedding and social venue. We cater to those couples looking for a formal and sophisticated event.

We are so happy to own and operate Rosewood Manor. It was built in 1895 for Seaboard Railway director, William Stackhouse. He later found the house too large for his family, and traded homes with a Marion grocer, McCoy Rose. The house was unoccupied for many years, and later purchased by Thomas Griggs.

We spent one year in expansive renovations and redecorating. Reappointing the manor house with exceptional antiques, art, sculpture and a fresh new luxurious color palette. Rosewood Manor House spans a spacious two acres that entertains a grassy, beautiful park-like setting underneath the ancient large oaks and colorful dogwood trees.

This mansion is located in the historical district of Marion, South Carolina, and is easily accessible from I-95 and Myrtle Beach. Rosewood Manor House is close to all shopping in the Florence and Myrtle Beach area for those special mementos of your trip. We invite you to come stay with us and enjoy all that Rosewood Manor House and Marion, South Carolina, have to offer!

Rosewood Manor House is located at 900 N. Main St., Marion, South Carolina. Contact them at 843-423-5407 or visit

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