Cover Artist: Susan DeBow

Tilly the Teapot Lady

Cover Artist: Susan DeBow

Susan Hipkins DeBow is a Sasee writer and artist. She loves colorful paintings and writing, not to mention, colorful personalities. Susan started painting in her late fifties, adding painting to her twenty-plus year writing career.

A hobby of hers is watching Law and Order reruns and then going around telling people she wants to make a “collar on the perps,” and demands a “remand.” She got hooked on Law and Order reruns after seeing Seinfeld reruns 20 times.

Susan has given writing workshops and workshops for women wanting to make a change, in Arizona, Ohio, South Carolina, Indiana, and Ireland. Gone is her desire for perfection, success, being leader of the pack or right. What she likes to do is make people laugh, listen to people’s stories, laugh more and eat dessert (whether there is a meal involved or not).

You can read Susan’s work and see her art, photography and miscellaneous miscellany at If you are nice, she’d like to be your friend on facebook. Go to her Facebook page, Ohio Writer Girl.

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