Teacher Appreciation Week: May 4–8

By Stephanie Heikkila Holman

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 4–8

To the world you may be just a teacher… but to your students you are a hero!

Every year teachers get, and appreciate, many gifts, but there are only so many coffee mugs, or pencil holders that a teacher can have. Here area few Creative Gifts Teachers will actually use and love!

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 4–8

Gift Cards

Always a welcome and much needed gift for your favorite teacher! 

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 4–8

All year you worked hard to make learning fun, so now it’s your turn to relax in the sun!

A cute beach bag with a magazine, flip flops, sunscreen, a towel, and any other “beach necessities” makes a terrific gift. 

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 4–8

Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that last a lifetime.

Buy a basic pot and paint, or have your child paint something special and include a pretty plant.

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 4–8

A Night Out Kit

A pair of movie tickets, a restaurant gift card and some yummy treats will go a long way with your favorite teacher.

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 4–8

Classroom Supplies Cake

Surprise your favorite educator with this classroom supplies cake and include Kleenex, Crayons, Hand Sanitizer, Pencils, Glue, Markers, Chalk, etc.

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, touches a heart, shapes a future!

About this writer

  • Stephanie Heikkila Holman is the Senior Graphic Designer for Strand Media Group. She resides in Pawleys Island, South Carolina with her jazz musician husband and two fabulously rambunctious children who constantly keep her on her toes.

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  1. Claudioo says:

    – Hi Mrs. Mundie, It’s Kathryn, your neighbor I think you piano plaiyng was really good, and that song was soo pretty! I’m trying to find an instructor to teach me how to play piano now that I’m feeling better and am more stable. See you around!

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