Nicole Says… Read This Book by Mary Alice Monroe

By Nicole McManus

The Summer’s End by Mary Alice Monroe
The Summer’s End
by Mary Alice Monroe

The Summer’s End is the final chapter in the Lowcountry Summer Trilogy. Harper, Dora and Carson, three half-sisters, have been staying in their grandmother’s home, Sea Breeze, on Sullivan’s Island. Separated for years, Mamaw has finagled these women into staying the entire summer with her, as they did when they were girls. It has been a tumultuous few weeks, with the sisters reconnecting and finding not only the bond of sisterhood, but also rediscovering themselves along the way. But now the summer is coming to an end, and the sisters must figure out where and how they will live, as their beloved home will be placed on the market. Will their bond last without Sea Breeze and Mamaw?

Mary Alice Monroe is an exquisite author who blends the magnificent Lowcountry setting with human emotions. Sullivan’s Island provides landscapes filled with beautiful wildlife. Though this story works well as a stand-alone, readers will gain more from it if they read the trilogy in order. The points of view pivot between the four women, providing a balanced view into the lives affected by Sea Breeze. Teaching important lessons of the dangers humans impose on wildlife, as well as sensitive topics concerning Asperger’s and Wounded Warriors, this is a great choice for reading groups and family discussions. The focus in The Summer’s End is finding oneself, letting go of the past and having confidence to pursue one’s dreams. Though this final book is mostly Harper’s story, as she transitions from a mousey observer to an energetic leader, readers won’t be missing out on any of the sisters’ developments. This is a must read for fans of Southern literature.

I enjoyed the ability to relate to each of the characters. I loved their honesty, their fears, and I was rooting for each of them along the way. Harper was a favorite from the beginning for me, because she was the girl who loved to read. She was always quiet, reading and observing. Even her bedroom was the library. To watch her blossom as she reconnects with her southern roots was delightful. This trilogy was the first time I have read Mary Alice Monroe, and it surely won’t be the last.

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