Nicole Says… Read This Book by Sophie Hudson

By Nicole McManus

Home is Where My People Are by Sophie Hudson
Home is Where My People Are
by Sophie Hudson

The old saying states that the American Dream is a two story house with a nice, flat yard and a white picket fence. But what truly makes a house a home? Is it the building or is it the people? Do you have different homes throughout life, or is it just one single place that your soul belongs? These are just a few of the things that Sophie Hudson explores in her latest memoir, Home is Where My People Are.

Readers will take a road trip through the south and through life’s ups and downs in this delightful read. Sophie Hudson embodies the southern woman and is absolutely hysterical, telling stories of living in numerous states before finally finding her home. She leaves nothing to the imagination, giving readers an inside scoop into her life growing up. Her sarcasm and humorous wit will have readers rolling with laughter. However, she keeps it very real, sharing some heartaches and reminding readers of her faith and that God has a reason for everything. Readers will become instant fans of Sophie Hudson’s style as they begin to reflect on their own life.

If you want to take a reading road trip this summer, I recommend this book. You will travel to Mississippi, Georgia, and Louisiana, before finally landing in Alabama. Having only lived in two states, it was fun to look in and see what life was like for the author. I loved how she uses humor to relate to all of her readers, not just fellow southerners. While reading, I began to question the places I have dwelled, and I truly feel that each place was indeed a home, each serving its own purpose at that point in my life. After reading this book, I am inspired to go on a road trip.

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