Soul Conversations: Chris Richardson

By Leslie Moore

Soul Conversations: Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson, Kangaroo Pouch

Tell us a little about your family.

I am married to Matt Richardson who grew up in Conway, South Carolina.We relocated to Myrtle Beach from Charleston after getting married 13 years ago. We have an energetic six year old, Braxton. And we recently added to our family with a Golden Doodle puppy, Marcus.

Does your best friend have two legs or four?

While Marcus has quickly become a companion to Braxton, my best friends have two legs.

Why do you think dogs make such great friends and companions?

Dogs are amazing. No matter what sort of day you have had, Marcus is always excited to see us. But the best part for me is watching Braxton become so close with him. Marcus is not the smallest of dogs, and we are still training him not to jump on furniture and other behavior courtesies, but he has brought love to our house that we had no idea was missing. Even if at times I feel like a small horse lives with us. [laughing]

What is your favorite thing to do with your women friends? Why do you think these friendships are so important?

I enjoy so many things with my girlfriends and their families. I work out in the mornings with a group of women that are amazing inspirations to me. I also LOVE a good girls’ night. Just to be able to take a couple of hours away from reality and spend it with women that uplift you can do a lot for your soul. Dinner and a glass of wine are nice, but the conversations are what keep me going. I have found that women that uplift each other are crucial in life. We are given one chance at life and there is no sense in going through it alone – good friends are a must!

What’s new and exciting at Kangaroo Pouch?

The Kangaroo Pouch is making a big move this month. We are moving our main store from Mr. Joe White Ave to 40th Ave North on Kings Highway. We are excited about a new location to better serve our customers. We have started selling a wider variety of youth furniture as well as the newest in nursery furniture. Our fully upholstered gliders have become a hot item for non nurseries as well. We continue to seek out the latest in the nursery and youth world in order to bring the best to Myrtle Beach. This has to be the most fun job. Where else do you get to help new parents pick items out and then see them in use with the sweetest little miracles? I truly enjoy coming to work each and every day!

Contact Chris at 843-839-0990 or 843-839-2958. Visit her new location at 40th Avenue North on Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach or her Market Common location at 3320 Reed Street. Kangaroo Pouch is open Monday-Friday 10 am-6 pm and Saturday 10 am-6 pm.

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