Nicole Says… Read This Book by Linda Goodnight

By Nicole McManus

The Memory House by Linda Goodnight
The Memory House
by Linda Goodnight

Julia Presley’s heart is numb from the unsolved disappearance of her son and the demise of her marriage. It doesn’t help that her family refuses to talk about the boy who was ripped from her life. Julia decides to open a bed and breakfast in a charming, antebellum house in Honey Ridge, Tennessee. As she goes through the motions of each day, keeping her hands and mind busy, she appears to be moving forward. Eli Donovan has just learned he has a son and when his car breaks down in this new town, he stops by the Peach Orchard Inn desperate for work. Julia must decide whether she is willing to risk her heart in the company of this duo, in order to get the extra renovations completed and maybe discover some answers about this house’s mysterious history.

This beautiful southern literature novel mixes time periods and points-of-view to deliver a breathtaking tale of human growth. The author gives readers two stories, delicately blending romance and mystery, in both a contemporary and historical setting. Though there are slow moments, readers will be engrossed in the storyline and will be cheering for each of the characters. Fans of the Civil War time period will appreciate this story’s subplot. Overall, The Memory House is a very uplifting, poetic read that reminds us that even buildings have hearts.

There seems to be a new trend in books these days, mixing genres and time periods, which I find fascinating. I am excited that this book is the first in a series, as I found myself smiling as I read each chapter. I loved the balance between present day and the past. The Civil War chapters painted vivid scenes that played out in my mind. This was my first time reading a story by Linda Goodnight, and it won’t be my last.

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