Nicole Says… Read This Book by William Kent Krueger

By Nicole McManus

Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger
Ordinary Grace
by William Kent Krueger

Frank Drum is a middle-aged man, reflecting back on a critical summer from his childhood. Thirteen year old Frank should have experienced a season of happiness and peace in 1961, living in rural Minnesota. However, when he and his friends discover a body, he experiences the town’s losses in new horrifying ways. Standing on the sidelines while his world is turned upside down, Frank must rely on the sermons his father gives in church to remain connected with his faith.

This coming-of-age novel is an incredible read for adults everywhere. Historical fiction meets thrilling suspense to deliver a beautiful tale of a father and son and the faith needed to survive a horrific crime. William Kent Krueger broke away from his mystery series to deliver this stand-alone story to readers. The easy-to-read chapters will keep readers entranced and guessing until the very end. The dialect brings the story alive and readers will be able to see and feel the sights around this town. This novel has it all: gripping suspense, a peaceful and historical setting and a story that readers won’t be able to put down.

Even though William Kent Krueger is a well-known author to mystery lovers, this is the first time I have read his work and what a powerful introduction to his writing! I love books that easily combine numerous aspects into one elegant, page-turning tale. During this time of year, we all reflect on the things we are grateful for, things that make us appreciate life more. This story has a stunning way of echoing what is in our hearts this season.

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