Paying it Forward: Claudia Berner

By Leslie Moore

Paying it Forward: Claudia Berner

Claudia Berner, Grand Strand Homewatch Caregivers

Describe yourself in a few sentences.

I’m driven to make a difference in people’s lives. When I worked in the corporate world, I was a mentor and loved helping people with their careers; now I devote my life to helping our clients stay in their homes where they are nurtured and loved. Since we lost my father, I live with my mother and help her stay independent. My pets are very important to me as well; I have three dogs and two cats that I adore – their unconditional love is such a treasure.

What do you reach for first at the Thanksgiving table? Who prepared it?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Dinner is usually at my home with my mother and my business partner and close friend, Julia Hasser, plus any of our friends that can’t be with their families. Julia cooks the turkey – and it is always delicious! There are so many Thanksgiving foods I love; corn pudding from a friend’s recipe, my mother’s recipe for creamed onions, and the list goes on and on!

When writing thank you notes – hand written or digital? Why?

Definitely handwritten, even though I have the worst handwriting! A handwritten note is intimate, personal and heartfelt. My mother used to complain about my handwriting, so I started typing notes to her – it wasn’t long until she asked me to start handwriting them again.

Give us three things in your life that make you stop and say “thank you” – and why you chose them.

Most certainly my amazing mom and dad: My dad challenged and inspired me throughout his life. When he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, my mom and I were determined to honor his wish to remain in his home throughout his final illness. The experience inspired me to open Grand Strand Homewatch Caregivers. I’m also very thankful for my furbabies who give me so much joy. Last, but not least, I’m very grateful for my dear friend and business partner, Julia Hasser. She recently retired from teaching high school math and is now able to help me run our business full time.

What makes Grand Strand Homewatch Caregivers unique?

I think the key is in our caregivers. We are very careful to select people who have a passion for helping others. When I interview, I hear the most amazing stories – some of our caregivers have children with disabilities, some have cared for their own aging parents – but all have a calling to help people remain in their homes and live with dignity. This truly is the hardest job you’ll ever love.

Grand Strand Homewatch Caregivers serves Horry and Georgetown Counties. Contact them by calling 843-299-0291 or visit

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