Shabby Chic: Angie Rodriguez & Roxann Bartz

By Leslie Moore

Shabby Chic: Angie Rodriguez & Roxann Bartz

Angie Rodriguez & Roxann Bartz, Two Sisters with Southern Charm

Describe yourself in a few sentences.

Angie: Roxann and I are different people, but very much the same! We think so much alike that often we finish each other’s sentences!

Roxann: We are originally from Arkansas, but moved here together from Pennsylvania. Angie and I have three other siblings and we are all very close – we’re also a very artistic family, from painting to woodworking and everything in between.

Angie: We even spend our day off together. We love going to the beach on Sunday in the warmer months – and we don’t do anything store related, this is our day to relax.

What do you reach for first at the Thanksgiving table? Who prepared it?

Angie: Always the hot rolls and they’re not even homemade. I just like to butter them while they’re hot. The holiday dinner is typically at my house and some years we have the whole family from across the United States.

Roxann: When you move to the beach you have more company! [laughing] My favorite dish is Angie’s sweet potato casserole, it’s like a dessert.

When writing thank you notes – hand written or digital? Why?

Angie: I handwrite my thank you notes. It shows you take the time to thank the giver – it’s real.

Roxann: I write them and get them ready, but never seem to make it to the post office. For me, it’s easier to call people and thank them personally.

Give us three things in your life that make you stop and say “thank you” – and why you chose them.

Roxann: Definitely my family. If you don’t have family, you have nothing. They are always there for you. And, my pets – I have a Springer spaniel and a Boston terrier that are my babies.

Angie: That’s exactly what I would’ve said, see how much alike we are? Family and friends, really relationships in general, are so important. And pets are another reason to be thankful – I recently lost my sweet lab of 14 years and miss himso much.

What makes Two Sisters with Southern Charm unique?

Roxann: We opened in 2013 after moving here from Pennsylvania – we had a small space in an antique co-op there that evolved into a 2200 square foot area. Catering to our customers is one of our favorite things to do –if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll try to find it or make it for you.

Angie: We enjoy what we do – there is a lot of excitement when we work together. Both of us love a wide variety of things – from rusty to girly – everything we have means something, and we put a lot of love into every piece.

Roxann: We do buy what we love – much of our buying is done at estate sales and auctions. Some people may look at a worn item and think it’s worthless, but we see it as something that was loved and well used.

Angie: Our merchandise is not just from our area; our family is always shopping for us. When they come, they always bring us items they find. It’s a family joke that “there is no free room and board.”

Two Sisters with Southern Charm is located at 2520 Highway 17 Business in Garden City. Hours are Monday – Wednesday, 9:30 am – 5 pm and Thursday – Saturday, 9:30 am – 4 pm. Contact Angie and Roxann at 717-451-2856, or find them on Facebook.

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