Moving to the Beat of Life: Carole Revetti

Moving to the Beat of Life: Carole Revetti

The first thing you notice when meeting Carole Revetti is her huge smile – and as soon as she starts talking you realize that smile extends to an even bigger heart that believes in sharing the blessings of her life. A native of Surfside Beach, Carole now divides her time between her homes in Virginia and Surfside Beach – with a fun trip thrown in every few months.

“Surfside Beach was very different when I was growing up,” Carole remembers. “Most of the roads were dirt, and we all knew each other – there was an arcade at the Pier where we all hung out – and we had a lot of fun at the pool parties at the Holiday Inn. It was a wonderful place to grow up, and I still love it.” Carole’s parents divorced when she was a teen, but her mom instilled a sense of adventure in her daughter that gave her a love of new people and experiences. “My brother is five years older, and we would go on surfing trips at a moment’s notice – it was always me and a carload of boys!” Carole’s mom also encouraged her daughter’s love of music and owned a record store on Surfside Drive called Sound Off.

After high school, Carole was ready for adventures of her own and moved to Florida to attend college, but would come home for the summers and work part time at the Afterdeck, then a favorite hangout for locals, enjoying the beach life and her friends. “I was kind of the original Florida snowbird!” Carole’s dad encouraged her to experience life on her own terms – surprising her often with fun, new experiences. “Every year he would buy me four tickets to a concert for my birthday – it was our tradition!” Eventually, her father, who by then had relocated to the state of Washington, convinced Carole to move there and take a job with Hewlett Packard.

“I finally felt like a grownup, but I thought my life was boring. I’ve always been a free spirit, and I love a new adventure – all I need is a tank of gas and I’m ready to go.” Carole eventually did pack up and head south to Santa Monica to visit a former roommate. Two weeks later, she met the love of her life, Dan Revetti, and her “visit” became more permanent. “I sent resumes to anyone I thought would be fun to work for, and I began to make connections, leading me to my job at People. I’m sort of like Ferris Bueller; I always seem to luck into great situations! I know the angels are on my side.”

Carole loved her job with People and worked at the magazine’s events which led to many fun experiences meeting celebrities. “It surprised me at first that the stars were just like us, and that their onscreen personas didn’t always match the real person.” She went on to tell me about some of her more interesting celebrity encounters. “Once, Dan and I went to the opening of Hannibal, the sequel to Silence of the Lambs. We were late, and the only seats left were in the last two rows. We sat in the next to last row because the other one was cordoned off. When the lights went down, someone slipped into the seat right behind me. I peeked around, and it was Anthony Hopkins! I watched this creepy movie with the star right behind me! It was a strange experience.”

These were fun years for Carole, and she made the most of them – jumping in her car, ready to go if a good time or fun concert was promised. She and Dan became engaged and married in typical Carole fashion in 1997. “We had a destination wedding, a cruise. I had worn so many ugly dresses at my friend’s weddings; I was determined to do something different. We booked a cruise and 64 of our friends and family came with us – we were married in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and everyone partied with us for a week!”

Moving to the Beat of Life: Carole Revetti

Dan’s job as an engineer made life easier for Carole, but she continued to work. “I don’t know if it was luck or fate, but one day Dan and I talked about moving back east to be closer to our parents, and the very next day he was offered a job in the Washington D.C. area.” In 2002, Dan and Carole moved to Virginia, and Carole went to work for AOL. “I loved that job, too. I would work at the events and met so many interesting people. At that time, AOL would prosecute internet scammers and seize their belongings, giving them to AOL users. We gave away fancy cars, gold bars, you name it!” Dan continued to rise in his field, and Carole was able to retire at 38. “We bought our second home in Surfside Beach in 2010. It was supposed to be a rental, but I love it here and never rent it. I do gift friends and family with a week here or there.”

These days, Carole splits her time between her homes – and even though Dan can’t always join her, he knows his wife enjoys being at the beach, surrounded by her childhood friends and family. “My husband gets me, we trust each other, and he knows I need my time here – and he understands that I don’t like Virginia’s winter weather. I’m so blessed.”

Sharing her blessings is very important to Carole. She recently helped a young girl with cancer get one of her greatest wishes granted. “This young lady loves NASCAR and Jeff Gordon. Through social media and friends, I was able to get her a block of tickets to the race and a ‘meet and greet’ with her idol.” During the holidays, Carole arranges for gifts for needy children, cajoling her friends to adopt a child, while quietly playing Santa for several. “A former classmate of mine works for SCYAP, and one year they lost their Christmas sponsors at the last minute. Through social media, I found out about it and jumped in to help. Everyone can do a little and it ends up being a lot!”

Her greatest love, however, is for her four-legged friends, and Carole is the adoring owner of four rescue pups and fosters others, favoring those with special needs. Her current foster is a small Chihuahua, born blind, and his owner, while loving, knew she couldn’t care for him. Little “Stevie” is being trained and cared for by foster mom Carole until he is ready for his forever home. “I’ve always had animals in my life, both dogs and cats, but had never fostered. One of my neighbors rents a condo in Deerfield, and a few years ago, the tenants moved out and left their dog. A few days later, she showed up at my house with the dog in a kennel. I couldn’t say no and fostered her until we found her a great forever home. I really enjoyed helping and began fostering one dog at a time.”

Moving to the Beat of Life: Carole Revetti

The Grand Strand is home, and Carole stays active in her community, serving as administrator for several social media groups that are geared to connect specific people, including her high school classmates and groups formed by her friends growing up. “It is very important to me to reconnect old friends and keep our local community in touch with each other. It is a great, warm, loving feeling when we all gather.”

These are only a few of the altruistic activities Carole supports. “Helping those in need is my passion. I have spare time to dedicate to it, and it means the world to the recipient – canine or human – what’s better than that? I couldn’t do what I do without social media and my family, friends and our generous community.”

Of course, Carole takes time for fun – attending concerts whenever her favorites are playing close by and enjoys dining out. I asked her to share her favorite Surfside Beach hangouts. “Breakfast at the Surf Diner is always good – I love being at the pier where I spent my childhood days. Surfside Beach Pizza and River City Café are also wonderful. Surfside Beach makes me feel at home, I have so many good memories and am always making more. Nothing is better than riding my golf cart around the places I remember as a child.” She and Dan love to cook and entertain or just hang out and watch movies. “My brother owns a restaurant in Lake Wylie, and he taught me to make the best ribs – it’s my favorite thing to cook when I have company!”

The New Year is looking bright for Carole. Her first trip of the year, to the British Virgin Islands and San Juan, is next month. “My New Year’s resolutions this year are the same as every year – lose weight and HAVE FUN!”

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