Nicole Says… Read This Book by Kristin Hannah

By Nicole McManus

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
The Nightingale
by Kristin Hannah

Isabelle and Vianne are two sisters separated by life’s emotional battles. When rumors start that Nazi Germany is conquering Europe, both sisters know their France will stay strong. However, as events unfold and the Nazis occupy Paris, each sister must choose their role in the impending war. Vianne, a housewife, desires to keep her daughter safe and accepts that she may have to provide a haven for the enemy. Isabelle, a young and often foolish girl, desires to be at the frontlines, defending her country. As the war wages on, these two women will have to learn a strength they never imagined was possible.

Kristin Hannah has given readers a unique look inside the heart of the war. The women’s role during this horrific time is one that is often overlooked in novels; however the author provides a world that readers get sucked into from the first page. The narration shows both sisters progressing through the war, as well as an elderly woman forced to face the secrets from her past. The Nightingale is a poignant, soul-wrenching tale of loss, love and humanity in the midst of war.

As a life-long reader, I have come across numerous WWII historical fiction novels. That time period is like a beacon, drawing both authors and avid-readers of all ages. The Nightingale is not just another WWII adult novel, it is not just a love-in-the-time-of-war story, it is an exceptional piece of literature. There have been very few books in my life that have physically moved me to tears, but this one did. This is one story that, as I read the final pages, I knew it had taken a permanent residence in my soul. And once I finished the last page, I sat in my chair, staring into space wondering how I would begin to recover from this epic read.

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